5 p.m.

Stop the Violence rally in Rockland Aug. 6

Event has passed

We've seen the headlines this morning.  We've posted our thoughts and prayers on Facebook.  But we know Facebook is not enough.  We know thoughts and prayers are not enough.

We're taking this public.

We gather at Park and Main at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6, in Rockland, to lend our voices in public outrage against a violent wave of white supremacist mass shootings across the United States. 

We rally to publicly witness the anti-immigrant violence of innocent children in cages.  We raise our voices in public against the violent attitude of a President who says of women, "Grab 'em by the Pussy" and leads the chant at Congresswomen of color, "Send Her Back!"

In the face of all these forms of violence, people of conscience cannot be silent.  Our moral outrage can no longer be contained to the private sphere.

Join us.  Out loud.  In public.  That's how this ends.

Park and Main streets, 5 p.m., Tuesday, August 6, Rockland.

Event Date: 

Tue, 08/06/2019 - 5:00pm