State land use, environmental agencies issue second procedural order on CMP power line through Maine

Posted:  Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 11:00am

Central Maine Power Company has filed applications with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for construction of the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC), an electric transmission line from the Maine border with Quebec in Beattie Township to a new converter station in Lewiston. Approximately 73 percent of a 147-mile transmission line will be built within CMP’s existing transmission corridor. The remainder of the line will be built in an undeveloped corridor owned or controlled by CMP in western Somerset and Franklin counties.

The Maine Land Use Commission and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection issued Oct. 9 a Second Procedural Order In the Matter of Central Maine Power Company’s New England Clean Energy Connect Project.

Click here for the CMP application materials and schedule.

Update on Schedule for Public Hearing

The Commission and the Department will review new information submitted by CMP, as discussed above, to determine whether all additional information requested on September 4, 2018, has been provided. The Commission will make a determination as to whether CMP’sapplication, as amended, provides the information necessary to proceed to scheduling the public hearing for certification of the Project to the Department.

The Presiding Officers discussed potential location(s) for the public hearing and provided an opportunity for Intervenors to make oral statements of suggested locations. Suggestions included a restaurant and event center in Skowhegan; schools in Moscow or Bingham; and unspecified facilities in Augusta and Wiscasset. The Commission and Department have taken these suggestions under advisement.

Notice of the date of public hearing and location(s) will be made pursuant to the Commission'sRules of Practice, 01-672 C.M.R. 4 (Chapter 4), section 4.04(6). The Presiding Officer will specify requirements and deadlines for pre-filed testimony, pre-filed exhibits, witness lists, objections to pre-filed testimony, and pre-filed rebuttal testimony in a procedural order.