Skiers enjoy freestyle event at Camden Snow Bowl

Fri, 02/21/2020 - 12:15pm

This is a photo gallery of the freestyle skiing program event hosted Sunday, Feb. 16 at the Camden Snow Bowl. 

Whether the goal is to better one’s skills in the terrain park, in the trees or compete in freestyle competitions the freestyle program at the Camden Snow Bowl will give you the skills to succeed, the program’s website states. 

Further, the website states the program will teach athletes the tools to progress their skiing all over the mountain.

The program focuses on teaching athletes park etiquette, learning tricks through progression and the skills needed to be a well-rounded skier, according to the website. 

“It is our goal in the freestyle program to work with each individual athlete to focus in the areas of skiing he or she wishes to pursue in freestyle skiing as part of an exciting new team,” reads the website. 

For more information on the freestyle ski program, visit

All photos in this gallery are courtesy Mike Smith.