Send Vick Doudera back to Augusta to speak for us

Mon, 10/03/2022 - 8:30am

I’m writing to support the re-election of Vicki Doudera for State House District 14, Camden and Rockport. My husband and I moved into Vicki’s neighborhood in 2015 and have always known her to be an enthusiastic supporter of our wonderful community. When she decided to run for the state House in 2018, I knew she would represent us well.

Since she was elected to her first term, Vicki has gone above and beyond being a competent, caring and creative legislator. She has been a true leader in Augusta on issues ranging from housing to gun safety to environmental protection. She stays in close touch with her constituents and solicits ideas on legislation and policies that will solve real problems.

Vicki and her husband Ed raised their family in Camden, ran businesses here, and build their professional careers here. She understands the challenges we face in the Midcoast due to housing and labor shortages, and the existential threat of climate change. We need to send her back to Augusta to speak for us on these issues and more. We also need to send her back to represent our values. 

I trust Vicki to represent me, and I hope all of her constituents feel the same!

Susan Reider lives in Camden