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Senator Miramant bill would create licensing for autocycles in Maine

Posted:  Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 9:15pm

 AUGUSTA — A bill proposed by Sen. Dave Miramant, D-Camden, would create licensing for the operation of “autocycles” in Maine.

The proposal — LD 1750, “An Act to to Allow the Operation of Autocycles on Roads in Maine” — received a public hearing before the Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

Autocycles are enclosed three-wheeled vehicles that operate like a car. Under current Maine law, an autocycle is categorized as a motorcycle, meaning that the operator must have a motorcycle license to operate an autocycle. Sen. Miramant’s bill would define autocycles in Maine law and allow for any person licensed for the operation of a motor vehicle to legally operate an autocycle.

“Although there has been proposed Federal legislation to deal with autocycles, there has been no action at this point,” said Miramant, in a news release. “We shouldn’t rely on Washington to get this done — other states are moving forward with their own common sense regulations and we should be doing the same here in Maine.”

Autocycles have drawn interests from state legislators across the country in recent years, as nearly forty states have considered licensing requirements

Joel Sheltrown, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for Elio Motors, testified in support of the bill. 

LD 1750 faces further action in the Transportation Committee and votes in the House and Senate.