Sen. Dave Miramant introduces bill to encourage solar energy generation

Posted:  Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 1:00pm

AUGUSTA — A bill by Sen. Dave Miramant, D-Camden, would eliminate the cap on the number of utility customers who can benefit from a single solar energy generation farm. On Tuesday, LD 790, “An Act To Eliminate the Cap on the Number of Accounts or Meters Designated for Net Energy Billing,” received a public hearing before the Legislature’s Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology.

“The Legislature must support policies to stabilize electricity costs and stop the pollution of our environment,” stated Miramant. “While this needs to happen globally, Maine should take the lead to protect our fisheries from ocean warming and acidification. By reducing the cost of solar energy generation, this bill will help encourage renewable energy and protect our environment.” 

Eliminating the cap on meters will reduce the costs of establishing and maintaining sites. There are many costs to operating solar farms: acquiring land, paying property taxes and maintaining facilities. This bill will reduce those costs, encouraging people to generate clean, renewable energy for the Maine electrical grid.  

Sen. Miramant’s bill will be considered by the Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee in a work session before progressing to votes in the full Legislature.