Route 1 Warren reopens after wires down near Finntown Road

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 12:45pm

WARREN — Route 1, at Finntown Road, in Warren, reopened at 1:15 p.m., after closing just before 10 a.m., due to wires across the road. 

Warren Fire Department is redirecting southbound traffic along the North Pond Road, and Waldoboro FD is redirecting northbound traffic along Manktown Road.

As Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Arthur Smith watched, sagging wires from poles caught the top lip of a tractor trailer truck, downing the wires, and causing traffic detours.

For 20 minutes, the driver of a Land Air Express truck calmly sat inside his cab, with wires stretched across the roof, until Central Maine Power gave him the all-clear to exit. 

Recently, CMP had erected a new pole on the opposite side of the intersection of Finn Town and Atlantic Highway. CMP relocated their wires to the new pole, yet Spectrum and TDS had yet to do so, according to Warren Fire Chief Greg Andrews. In the wait, the older pole began to deteriorate and sag, causing its hanging wires to sag.

As the driver attempted to pull out of Finntown and onto Atlantic Highway, the wires caught to his truck, ripping the wire connection from Miller and Miller Construction, requiring a response from second utilities. Part of the old pole on the opposite side of the intersection was also stripped away as the wires were pulled off.


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