Monday evening, Feb. 26, workshop

Rockport citizens encouraged to weigh in on library design

Event has passed

    ROCKPORT — The Rockport Select Board and the town’s Library Committee are convening at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 26, to review concept plans for the new library that is to be built on the site of the existing — albeit vacated — library at 1 Limerock Street.

    The workshop will be held in the Geoffrey C. Parker Community Meeting Room, Rockport Opera House and will be streamed at

    The agenda follows:

    1. Display of Preliminary Concept Plans for the Rockport Public Library, 6:30 p.m.

    2. For the first half hour of the workshop, preliminary renderings of floor plans, exterior elevations, site plans, and parking and street plans will be on display. Citizens will have the chance to view the plans, have informal conversations with one another and with members of the Select Board, the Library Committee, the Library Staff, and the design team. Please try to keep conversations generally brief with town officials and the design team so that all will have a chance to interact with them. Thank you to the Friends of the Rockport Public Library who will provide light refreshments for this portion of the workshop.

    3. Call Workshop to Order, 7 p.m
      1. Approval of Public Comment Procedure
      2. Opening remarks from the Select Board Chairman
      3. Opening remarks from the Library Committee Chairman

    4. Presentation from Stephen Smith Architects and team

    5. Conversation with Select Board and Library Committee

    6. The Select Board and the Library Committee will use this opportunity to engage the design team in conversation to help fully understand the status of the preliminary concept plan at this time. Questions about different aspects of the plan will be entertained, and the merits (or not) of possible changes may be discussed.

    7. Public Comment

    8. So that everyone who wishes to speak will have a chance, public comment will be limited to two minutes per person. Those who wish to speak must come to the podium so those watching at home or reviewing the live stream will be able to hear the comments.

      The meeting notice circulated by the town office said: “Please identify yourself at the start of your comment. Please try to be brief, and if you generally agree with a previous comment, please consider stating your agreement without repeating the comment in order to save time. A second public comment from the same person will not be permitted unless all others who wish to comment have had a chance. In order to allow as much public comment as possible, the Select Board and Library Committee will be primarily listening and not engaging in conversations during this segment. Questions of a factual nature that can be answered briefly by the design team may be entertained at the discretion of the chairman.”

    VI. Next steps

    1. Monday March 5 at 6:30 p.m.: Select Board/Library Committee Workshop with Architect to respond to feedback received at the Feb. 26 workshop

    2. Wednesday March 14, 2018, 7 p.m.: Vote to schedule public hearing on bond article for the June Town Warrant

    3. Monday March 19, 2018: Workshop with Architect and Library Committee (if needed)

    4. Monday April 2, 2018: Public Presentation of Final Concept Plan

    5. Monday April 9, 2018: Public Hearing on Bond Article, Select Board vote to place on June Town Warrant, Select Board makes recommendation


    Event Date: 

    Mon, 02/26/2018 - 6:30pm