Rockland City Manager’s Report

Posted:  Monday, March 12, 2018 - 5:45pm

ROCKLAND – In previous days, the fire department walked through Fisher Engineering to see what the facility looks like under normal conditions. Potential candidates were interviewed for the Comprehensive Planning Commission. Five Short Term Rental applications were renewed, and two City workers attended Wastewater Operator school.

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 Negotiating with the Fire Fighter Union on a three-year contract, current contract expires June 30, 2018. Will start negotiating with the Teamsters Union in April.
 Interviewed four potential candidates to assist the Comprehensive Planning Commission on updating the Comprehensive Plan. Anne Krieg from Mid Coast Regional Planning was under contract to assist until she resigned her position with the Regional Planning Office back in February, 2018.
 Budget Committee continues to work on FY19 Budget Proposal for presentation to council in April.
 The Audit is almost complete. Should receive final copy in a week or two and then will be setting up audit presentation with Council.
 Work continues on providing Public Restrooms on Samoset Road for visitors of the Breakwater.
 The Audio-Visual RFP should go out soon with a quick turnaround time so all will be in place before budget season.

 Submitted 2017 industrial users’ chemical usage report tier 2.
 Submitted discharge monitoring report for January 2018.
 Submitted 2017 pretreatment annual report.
 Completed the plant’s safety walk and inspection for March 2018.
 Started working on Facility’s Vulnerability Assessment.
 Finalizing Dupont’s IWWD permit.
 Treatment plant flows have been averaging 3 MGD or less for the past week with no rain or melting snow but we expect that to increase in the next week as a result of the snowfall from the storm this week and one predicted for next week.
 The lab did B.O.D. and T.S.S. testing for Northhaven.
 Two of the plant operators attended Idexx microbiology class in Portland.
 Two staff members attended Wastewater Operator school.
 Five employees attended two days of confined space rescue training at Rockland F.D.
 Attended the city safety committee meeting.
 The treatment plant has been sending one full trailer per day of processed sludge to the composting facility.
 Pumped and cleaned the C.S.O. contact chamber and vortex separator after the recent high plant flows.
 Set up pumping and began monitoring phosphoric acid injection.
 The majority of time for two days was spent keeping snow cleared at the treatment plant and ten pump stations during the storm and cleaning up after the storm.
 Cleaned and calibrated the D.O. monitoring probes in the aeration tanks.
 A spare motor for the Penn Valley pumps arrived. We have eight of these sludge pumps at the treatment plant and having a good inventory of spare parts is important.

Exercised and tested the backup generators at the treatment plant and pump stations in preparation for the storm.
 Power Products Inc. repaired a fuel leak on the backup generator at the Glenwood Ave. pump station.
 Resolved a control panel issue we have been having at the Glenwood Ave. pump station.
 Replaced the timer for the parking lot and yard lighting at the treatment plant.
 Work continues on cleaning and painting the process piping in the secondary pump room.
 Completed the service on multiple pieces of equipment in the headworks building and sludge processing area of the treatment plant as part of our preventative maintenance program.
 Painted the entrance doors to the process area and the G.B.T. room.
 Began repairs to the epoxy floor coating in the sludge handling building.
 Loaded and hauled scrap metal from recent projects to the transfer station.
 Investigated an unknown pipe discovered by Maine Water on N. Main Street. Determined it is not connected to city sewer and appears to be an abandoned pipe.
 Responded to a Dig-Safe request for a project on Camden Street.
 Gathered G.P.S. data on Samoset Rd. for entry into the G.I.S.
 Continued entry of sewer lateral location data into the G.I.S.
 The mainline inspection camera returned from CUES Inc. after repairs.
 Completed review of the draft Preliminary Engineering Report from Wright-Pierce Engineering, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss necessary changes and corrections.

 Removed obsolete guard rail on Waldo Ave
 Repaired tile at City Hall
 Ongoing cold patch city wide
 Filled sinkhole in PDQ parking lot
 City wide sign repair
 City wide trash removal
 Ongoing garage cleaning and 5s improvements
 Storm damage repair at Buoy Park
 Worked on south pump screen
 Roads, sidewalk & facility walkways were maintained and treated on 3/7-3/9
 Haul snow to snow dump at transfer station
 A new policy for commercial use of Transfer Station Hoppers was instituted
 The Transfer Station Minor Revision Application was submitted to DEP for review.
 The Park and Main Street Crosswalk Safety Improvements Bid Package was approved by DOT. The project bid was published and bid are due 3/16/18.
 Limerock Street drainage was evaluated as part of road improvements that are being planned.

 Composting annual report was submitted
 Worked on road line painting bid
 Worked on sand, loam, crushed rock and gravel bid
 Recycling compactor bid specs are being developed
 9 Rockland Street clean-up has been continuing. Abutting property owners have been contacted regarding the removal of the boundary fence after the property is cleaned up. This has been a huge undertaking.
 Worked on budget as well as fee order
 Worked on ordnance amendment to make changes to reflect our new agreement with Ecomaine
 Chris Donlin completed confined space rescue training
 Excavation permit inspections were complete
 Work continues on FEMA storm damage reimbursement
 Attended Parks Commission Meeting
 Attended Energy Committee Meeting
 Brush chipping was scheduled

Over this preceding week, in addition to the response to 93 Fire and EMS calls, conducting apparatus checks, daily cleaning, routine repairs and maintenance to the fleet and of the quarters, the following occurred:
 Personnel spent some time with Fisher Engineering doing a walkthrough of their facility. We welcomed the offer from them to see what the building should look like under normal conditions.
We talked over emergency plans and procedures and offered a few ideas to allow for efficient interoperability for future incidents.
 RFD hosted a confined space technician class for city employees as well as some outside fire departments. Al Nygren from Training Technologies International instructed the class of 26 students. This will better prepare our city staff and outlaying fire departments for an emergency involving confined space work. The class was provided at a drastically reduced rate due to a grant that was secured by Rockland Fire & EMS.
 Chief Whytock continues to work with the budget committee to reach a budget that is both fiscally responsible and attainable for our taxpayers. The work is coming together and should be wrapped up in the next few weeks.
 Meetings were also attended for emergency evacuation prep for some local businesses. The goal is to coordinate with businesses to develop a well-rounded plan in case of emergencies.
 The county will be involved with an “active threat” hands on training in the coming months. We will be involved in the exercise and hope to gain some valuable knowledge from the drill.
 Another Nor’easter has come and gone......bring on spring! We responded to a handful of calls during the storm and am happy to report that most people stayed warm and inside for the duration.

 Catinka Knoth’s Art class for adults drew Iditarod sled dog races & husky dogs. The Children’s drawing class had the same theme.
 On Monday evening, Jesse Ellis hosted Silent (Sign Language) Social Hour. It’s a place for people to learn the basics of American Sign Language by doing, and grow by learning. It is a place for people to learn about Deaf Culture. Each week participants learn basics for conversational sign; build language skills through conversing with others, and asking questions about vocabulary and grammar. It is a voice-off environment; finger spelling is taught and encouraged.
 Children’s librarian Jean Young hosted Piggy Day (postponed from the actual National Pig Day the preceding week), with crafts, which she reports were such fun, even the adults waded in.
 Patty King attended the monthly meeting of the City Safety Committee.
 Regular guest Storytime reader Judith Andersen both read to the audience and hosted the craft table. Her audience was a group of little girls and their grandparents. Books read included The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, by Eugene Trivizas, The Moon’s Almost Here, by Patricia MacLachlan, and The Three Pigs, by David Wiesner. Crafts consisted of constructing piggy masks from egg boxes and elastic.
 With the Thursday Snow Day, there was no Babytime this week. The Creative Art Crew, scheduled to make dream-catchers from old CDs and yarn will be held next Thursday afternoon, and the Community Event for adults, featuring Dave Morrison and Maureen Eagan was postponed till the end of May.
 Jessie Blanchard met with Dan Dunkle, Joanna Hynd, and Lisa Westkaemper. The Poetry Month Rockland coordinators made the decision to move our monthly celebration of all things poetry to September, where it will coincide and share some events with the Millay Festival. Dan is helping to promote the change, and winners of the annual poetry contest will have their entry published in the Courier Gazette. There will also be a couple of poetry-themed events in April, National Poetry Month.
UPCOMING: Healthy Citizens Science Trunk
What does it take to make a healthy body? What about a healthy community? Come and help Ms. Jessie explore the activities in this new science trunk from our friends at Cornerstones of Science. These activities are geared toward ages 7-12, but all are welcome.

 The annual budgeting process continues. We have completed a number of meetings with the Department heads, and are nearing reaching our modest growth goal both in our operating an CIP budgets. We anticipate one more meeting with Department heads, and we’ll be in a good position to begin meeting with members of the City Council.
 Our annual audit process status: after answering a few more questions, the lead auditor sent us an initial audit report along with journal entries that need to be made. We’ve been in touch with them on a few issues. We’ll be responding to a few issues in their management findings report.
 Another Finance Department employee and I will be attending the Tyler Technology annual conference in April. Tyler Technology is the company that we use for our accounting system. The system includes, among other things, general ledger accounting, payroll, accounts payable and purchasing. Where we are looking at upgrading our accounting system to the next version, this will provide a training opportunity, as well as a chance to meet with the systems people to discuss and get educated on related issues.
 The second half of tax payments are coming due, and the General Fund Account cash balance per the bank: $6.7MM.

 John attended a meeting of the Rockland Planning Board.
 John attended a City Council Meeting.
 John attended a workshop for Short term Rentals.
 Bill performed a Safety Inspection of City Hall.
 We renewed 5 Short Term Rental Applications and processed 3 new applications for Planning Board approval.
 Bill did six license inspections, 399 Main St, 2 Main St, 410 Main St, 4 Union St, 34 Park St and one at 5 Payne Ave.
 John and Bill met with contractors, property, and business owners regarding various proposed projects throughout the city, some of these meetings were in conjunction with the Fire Department and included on-site inspections.
 We issued three building permits. We issued a permit for renovations to a bathroom on Main St. Additionally, we issued a permit renovations on Commercial St and Mobile Home on First St.
 We continue to be busy with various other permits, inspections, and assisting the public with questions. The following permits were issued by the Code Office:

 3 Building Permits
 8 Electrical Permits
 3 Plumbing Permits
 1 Street Excavation
 3 New Short Term Rental Applications
 5 Renewal Short Term Rental Applications
 7 Complaints