Robyn Stanicki announces candidacy for Senate District 11

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 12:45pm

    BELFAST — Robyn Stanicki of Belfast has joined two other candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to represent Waldo County in the Maine State Legislature as part of Senate District 11, according to a news release.

    She is a clinical researcher employed by Dartmouth College, and assists Maine-based partners in coordinating projects related to substance use disorders in Maine.

    “Robyn has been writing, advocating, and helping Maine implement sensible policies to reform the state’s welfare system, healthcare, and tax laws that magnify the effects of rising inequalities affecting our vulnerable residents,” the release stated. “She serves as a member of Scholar Strategy Network, a national scholarly think tank available to assist lawmakers with research on special topics and has been invited to comment on proposals at the state and national levels.”

    A former ward of the state, Stanicki’s childhood, the release stated, was marked by poverty, homelessness, and a lack of opportunities.

    A state retraining program offered the single mother of three a chance at making a life-changing effort.

    She earned two college degrees with critical support services, and immediately returned to graduate school to prepare for a career dedicated to public service.

    Stanicki’s perspective has been invited to working groups designed to restore the support systems of the Department of Health and Human Services, find ways to expand healthcare, and to put more education and training options on the table for Maine families, the release stated.

    She has partnered with state agencies to inform the implementation of new tax laws and serves as a delegate in a three-state effort to reform the Earned Income Tax Credit, one of the most successful interventions of child poverty in the United States.

    As a senate candidate, Stanicki wants to work hard to bring a sensible healthcare solution to all Maine families who need routine care, not “just in time” care, per the release.

    “She hopes to find common ground with lawmakers who care about the communities they serve,” the release stated.

    “This policy work is why I am prepared to join together with all of you in my community who care about the role that lawmakers have on the futures of Mainers who need a helping hand to achieve independence like my family has.” Stanicki said in a statement. “This is not just the right thing to do for Maine families, it’s also the smart thing to do for the future of our state. Poverty impacts our education system, our health system, our workforce, and our economy. We need our friends, colleagues and neighbors who care about how low-income people are treated to join us in this effort.”

    Stanicki is a clean elections candidate and “hopes to earn the vote of residents who want trustworthy, accountable leaders who can relate to their needs,” according to the news release.

    Those interested in learning more about this campaign can visit its website at