Rep. Jan Dodge is a worker bee. What is she for? She is for you

Tue, 06/28/2022 - 1:30pm

I cannot say that I support 100% of the actions of any politician.  That includes JFK, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. They all made choices and championed causes that I am against.  But to quote the character Emile DE Beck, from South Pacific, “I know what you are against; What are you for?”

I encourage you to vote for Jan Dodge in her run to become, once again, our Representative for House District 39. 

I applaud the fact that Jan is a member of the following bipartisan caucuses: Broadband, Climate/Coastal, Gun Safety, Aging and Rural Health. She is for the support of veterans and retired educators and has sponsored or co-sponsored bills regarding Anti-Food Shaming in Maine Schools, Tax reductions for public employees and defense against Robocalls.

I have seen Jan listen to a long soliloquy of grievances from a constituent. These complaints were about situations outside Jan’s ability to impact.  I believe also that the complaints were from a supporter of an opposing party.  What I speak of here is Jan’s willingness to patiently listen.  

I have also seen Jan at work for the Waldo Retired Teachers and the Waldo Triad.  And lastly, I have heard Jan praising members of the opposing party for their work ethic and support of certain causes. I have not seen and heard of these things often during these last few years.

She is a worker bee.  What is she for?  She is for you.  I can easily be for her.

Michael Lawson lives in Belfast