Quicksilver Water Shuttle suspends commuter service amid COVID-19

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:45pm

The following was shared March 24: 

Dear Quicksilver Riders,

Captains are often tasked with making unpopular but necessary decisions. Sadly today, I am forced to make such a decision.

Our small cabin simply does not offer enough space for passengers to socially distance from each other and our crew. Additionally, we feel that offering easy access to a susceptible island community is not the message we want to send at this time.

As such, we will be suspending our commuter service. We will also be asking charter clients to strictly limit charter bookings to essentials only. This includes emergency services, Central Maine Power, Dr's appointments, and emergency vet visits, etc. This does not include returning from travel abroad or from out of state. If you must return from travel we ask that you do so aboard the MSFS and follow their guidelines.

We do not take this measure lightly. It will create a serious financial burden on both our riders, through missed work, and on our business through loss of revenue. We feel it is better to take bold steps now rather than drag out the inevitable. We will resume our service as soon as we possibly can.

If people must travel, we suggest they take all precautions recommended by the CDC, including hand sanitization, social distancing, self-quarantine and the use of some kind of mask or face covering. We ask that all passengers PLEASE give our crew the necessary 6 feet of space at all times.

Captain Ben Smith