Kendall Merriam: For Hope at Atlantic Baking Company

Poem: Bread

Sun, 03/22/2020 - 6:00pm

Kind remarks from the baker

a line of poems

remembered over years

now crossaints

delivered to the door

with pastries and other charms

reminds me of Cushman’s

homestyle bread—lots of texture

not often desserts among the nine family

more likely Jello with sugar, milk

but we always craved

the richer sweets

baked in some distant town

now you produce

France, Italy, Portland

now we seem to have the money

for those

you collect from the rich

to give coffee and rolls

to Mollee Gray

easing pangs of hunger

the need for caffeine

a lovely person you are

adding to human treasure

of lobster town

we hope when we pull out

of this are borne disaster

people will gather

at your café

smiling and joking with the tourists

eating old style baguettes

having a good time that

only flour,  butter and sugar 

can produce.


Kendall Merriam, Home, March 21

Listening  to Phyllis’s footsteps in the attic.