busline league basketball

Oceanside 8th girls basketball topped Troy Howard in Saturday title game

Thu, 01/30/2020 - 10:00am

ROCKLAND — The top-seeded Oceanside and second-seeded Troy Howard eighth grade girls basketball teams met on the court Saturday, Jan. 25 at Oceanside High School in Rockland for a Busline League championship showdown. 

Oceanside maintained quarterly advantages of 13-7, 32-13 and 49-17 en route to a 59-24 victory. 

Scoring for Oceanside were C. Lamb (seven points), M. Fogg (four), S. Vose (17), J. Barnard (two), A. Marves (two), S. Daggett (21), H. Erickson (two) and G. Webber (four). 

Scoring for Troy Howard were Breanna Shorey (eight), Maddie Deans (three), Audri Goodwin (four), Kayla Wight (two), Ada Curry (three) and Kaelyn Beeton (four). 

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