Oceanside 8th girls basketball opens new year with back-to-back wins

Tue, 01/11/2022 - 12:00pm

HOPE and DAMARISCOTTA — The Oceanside Middle School eighth grade girls basketball team opened the new calendar year on the road for its first two contests of 2022. 

The Mariners traveled to Hope for a showdown Wednesday, Jan. 5 before hitting the road once again Monday, Jan. 10 to Damariscotta. 

Oceanside 41, Hope 38

On the road in Hope, Oceanside posted quarterly advantages of 9-5, 19-13 and 31-21. 

Scoring for Oceanside were R. Drinkwater (two points), L. Fales (two), B. Hanson (two), K. Deebler (16) and A. Poland (19). First names were not available. 

Scoring for Hope were Leah (34 points), Alana (two) and Morgan (two). Last names were not available. 

Oceanside 66, Bristol 9

On the road in Damariscotta, Oceanside posted quarterly advantages of 18-2, 36-2 and 50-7. 

Scoring for Oceanside were V. Davis (10 points), L. Fales (16), B. Hansen (six) and K. Deebler (34). First names were not available. 

Scoring for Bristol were LeeAnne Lord (two points), Nadia Small (two) and Avery Mosher (five).