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Oceanside 8th boys basketball tops Camden-Rockport in championship showdown

Sun, 01/26/2020 - 2:45pm

ROCKLAND — The top-seeded Oceanside and second-seeded Camden-Rockport eighth grade boys basketball teams met on the court Saturday, Jan. 25 at Oceanside High School in Rockland for a Busline League championship showdown. 

Oceanside maintained quarterly advantages of  21-11, 35-25 and 58-33 en route to a 77-44 victory. 

Oceanside maintained quarterly advantages of 13-2, 32-4 and 49-18 en route to a 65-35 victory. 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport were Liam O’Dwyer (six points), Will Duke (five), Quincy Messer (nine), Owen Reynolds (seven), Hunter Bell (five) and Ale Todd (three). 

Scoring for Oceanside were Nathaniel Thompson (six points), Larry Robbins (11), Taygen McCallister (two), Carter Galley (11), Cohen Galley (23), Benjamin Tripp (10), Maddox Robishaw (three) and Joey Bell (two).  

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