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Nov. 29 Recaps: Busline Basketball

Posted:  Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 8:00pm

The Midcoast sports scene was busy with several sporting events on Wednesday, Nov. 29. 

Below are the scores and stats for those contests that were reported to our sports department. 

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7th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 45, Great Salt Bay 37
(Courtesy Andrea Williamson) 

At the crack of the jump ball MMS won the tip and never looked back. They took the early lead and at the end of the first quarter it was MMS 11-7.

In the second quarter MMS and GSB scored 10 points each. Going into halftime MMS was still in the lead 21-17.

MMS battled in the third and put up eight points compared to GSB’s six points. MMS contained their lead of 29-23.

During the forth quarter MMS won this last and final quarter battle again. It was the most aggressive quarter as well as the top point scoring quarter for all. MMS put in 16 points to GSB’s 14 points.

Great defense was played by Ana Underhill, Emily Prock, Addison McCormick and Madi Simmons.

Scoring for Medomak: 
Ana Underhill 4
Chelsea Sykes 2
Addison McCormick 4
Emily Prock 6
Madi Simmons 9
Quinn Overlock 13
Morgan Lee 7

Scoring for Great Salt Bay: 
Bailie Anastasio 5
Annie Peaslee 7
Maya Cannon 6
Katherine McKenny 19

8th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 55, Great Salt Bay 44
(Courtesy Micah Williamson) 

Quarterly scores, in which Medomak held the advantage after each quarter, included 13-7, 29-14 and 42-34. 

Scoring for Medomak:
Trevor brown 34 points
Issak Hynd 6 points
Colby Brown 2 points
Addison Mellor 3 points
Garret Hutchins 4 points
Jake Bickmore 6 points

Scoring for Great Salt Bay:
Nathan True 2 points
Cooper Waltz 3 points
Garrett Day 5 points
Patrick Mckenney 16 points
Cedar Cannon 5 points
Gavin Dolloff 7 points
Nick Prior 5 points

7th Grade Boys Basketball: Medomak 66, Great Salt Bay 52
(Courtesy Pat Delahanty) 

The Medomak Middle School 7th grade boys fought off a tough Great Salt Bay team for a 66-52 victory and a 1-1 record in the early season. Though trailing after the first quarter the young men put together a strong second quarter outscoring GSB 20-12; this continued into the 3rd with tough full and half court defense extending their lead to 22 points.

GSB didn’t quit however and challenged through the final quarter with MMS able to hold the lead.

For MMS, Wyatt Simmons, Gaitlin Bedenik and Ivan Murphy worked hard on both ends of the floor contributing to the team victory. 

Quarterly scores included 13-10 GSB, 30-25 MMS and 55-33 MMS. 

Scoring for Medomak
Blake Morrison 15
Kevin Sincyr 12
Will Cheeseman 10
Finn Parmley 10
Matthew Holbrook 5
Hayden Staples 4
Jaiden Starr 3
Tucker Holgerson 2
Noah Lawrence 2
Isaac Simmons 2
Connor Light 1

For Great Salt Bay:
Isaac Thompson 6
Lucas Houghton 6
Gabe Hagar 3
Jack Duncan 23
Nolan Gilbert 3
Carson Hallowell 2
Casey Duncan 4

7th Grade Girls Basketball: Camden-Rockport 54, Troy Howard 34
(Courtesy Cheryl Beveridge) 

Quarterly scores included 7-7, 21-17 CR and 33-22 CR. 

Scoring for Camden-Rockport: 
Gabby Genthner 16
Molly Hixon 10
Ella Graffam 10
Mae Dostie 10
Molly Shook 4
McKenna Craney 2
Lucky Cohen 2

Scoring for Troy Howard: 
Madison G. 14
Halle T. 10
Jackie B. 5
Audra F. 2
Natalie H. 1

8th Grade Girls Basketball: Medomak 43, Great Salt Bay 25
(Courtesy Lindsay Ranquist) 

The Riverhawks lead by one after the first quarter with a score of 6-5. Medomak outscored Great Salt Bay by seven in the second quarter making the score 19-11 going into halftime.

The Riverhawks came out with a strong defensive effort in the third quarter holding Great Salt Bay to four points, which lead to a 25-15 score going into the fourth. 

Scoring for Medomak: 
Grace White 17 points
Autumn Ripley 6 points
Alyssa Creamer 6 points
Baylee Stewart 4 points
Zaniah Puchalski 4 points
Genevieve Thimlar 2 points
Khyllie Cochran 2 points
Julia Kunesh 2 points

Scoring for Great Salt Bay:
Grace Houghton 16 points
Regan Dunican 5 points
Bella Hanna 4 points