Letter to the editor

A nod to a fantastic local business: Broad Cove Marine Service is always enjoyable

Fri, 06/10/2022 - 10:15pm

Since 2005 my late partner and I have been frequenting Broad Cove Marine Service as a place to dock our boat, enjoy wonderful fresh seafood and gather with our family and friends. They  took incredible care of our boat for over a decade, charging the batteries, pumping out the storm surge, winterizing it and trailering it for storage. 

We have never been disappointed with the fine dining and great service in such a casual atmosphere. To this day, when friends come to visit we always are available for a trip to Broad Cove. I have never had a better bacon wrapped scallop in my life! The lobster and clam rolls are just as special.

When I want to make a lobster bouillabaisse, I get my cooked lobster here to make the best soup ever. Occasionally there has been live music on the wharf that moves children and adults to dance. It is an outstanding pleasure to know that this is in my backyard. The staff makes a trip there the most enjoyable day you could imagine.

Caren Clark lives in Waldoboro