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Municipal updates during COVID-19: Knox County, Waldoboro

Thu, 03/26/2020 - 5:45pm

    KNOX COUNTY — As the Covid-19 situation evolves and develops, local municipalities are changing and updating their practices and protocol. Many offices have closed, yet not all. has collected updates from the town office websites, and they follow.


    The Town Office is closed for in-person transactions. Call the Town Office during regular office hours, we may be able to help over the phone


    Read the full report from the Town of Camden issued March 25 here: Town Manager Audra Caler-Bell outlines Camden’s response to COVID-19

    The closure of all Town Departments to the public has been extended indefinitely, pending guidance from the State. 

    Each department will go to a staffing plan that makes sense for the type of work that they do and the essential services they provide. 

    Staff will still be checking emails, picking up mail and responding to phone calls.  If you need contact information, I refer you to the Town’s website at  I take this measure to safeguard our staff, the public, and allow for continuity in maintaining services in the long term.



    Hope Town Office is closed to the public

    In response to the National Emergency Declaration and the State of Emergency Declaration and a confirmed case of the Coronavirus in Knox County, we are taking the recommendations of the CDC very seriously, for our staff, and our community.

    The Town Office will be closed to the public beginning immediately until April 1, 2020.

    Most Town business may be conducted online. However, you may still conduct business via phone or email during regular business hours.

    The Hope Library will be closed and all programs will be cancelled until April 30, 2020.

    All Committee Meetings are canceled until further notice.

    Town Office: 763-4199

    FAX: 763-4195

    Town Clerk - Alexenia Payor:

    Bookkeeper - Mary Tolles & Langley Willauer:

    Town Adminstrator - Samantha Mank:



    Due to the Coronavirus, the Cushing Town Office is closed to the public effective immediately.  Town Office staff will be working their regular hours to take phone calls and e-mails from customers.

    A reminder that vehicle re-registrations can be processed online using rapid renewal at

    We also can process re-registrations by phone and mail.  Contact us at 354-2375 for more information.

    IF&W Licenses and Boats can be re-registered at as well as by mail and phone.

    Tax Payments can be mailed as well as paid by credit/debit by phone except lien payment.

    Please check this website for updates.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and stay safe.

    Town website:

    Town E-mail:


    Isle au Haut
    Isle au Haut is asking that anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 to inform the town EMT and/or island medical provider, and to self-quarantine for 14 days. The town’s select board is strongly encouraging that all contractors and visitors to the island postpone their visits until the pandemic is over. 

    The closure of all Town Departments to the public extends through April 8th, pending future guidance from the State. Each department will go to a staffing plan that makes sense for the type of work that they do and the essential services they provide while practicing social distancing.

    Staff will continue to check emails, using the mail to process transactions and responding to phone calls. I encourage all residents and customers to call the Town Office first to receive guidance on your transaction or question. We are no longer arranging in-person appointments for transactions. We continue to utilize a table in the vestibule at the Town Office that has many forms that you may need as well as the drop slot in the side door of the Town Office to receive paperwork and payments. Most of these forms can also be found on the Town’s website (


    St. George

    The Transfer Station is ONLY accepting bagged trash and Cardboard. You can store other recyclables until this restriction is lifted or bag them with your regular trash.  At this time the Transfer Station will NOT be accepting the following:
    Metal, Brush, Demo, Tires, Wood, Sheetrock, Shingles, Bottles and Cans
    If you have any questions please call the Transfer Station at 372-6451
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    South Thomaston      

    March 26 statements:

    Statement from the South Thomaston Municipal Team

    Based on the CDC recommendation we urge ​visitors from out of state​ ​to self-Quarantine for 14 days ​before entering buildings considered “generally open to the public”,​ even if you’re feeling well. This includes but is not limited to the South Thomaston Post Office, Spruce Head Post Office, The Keag Store and Maritime Farms on 131 in South Thomaston. You can and should absolutely still order food from these establishments, but you should arrange pick up to minimize potential exposure to the public.

    Seasonal Visitors: If you normally live elsewhere isolating at home instead of in South Thomaston is safer for the following reasons.

    Seasonal visitors and property owners should be aware that South Thomaston and surrounding towns have very limited food and medical resources compared to metropolitan areas elsewhere.

    Unlike metropolitan areas, food and supply delivery services are nonexistent, so people needing to resupply must still visit stores, greatly raising their personal risk of infection.

    Compared to other states, Maine has extremely few doctors, ICU beds, and respirators, so persons becoming infected in Maine may have no recourse for hospital care.

    Social distancing is as important now as it has been. It is recommended that people stay a minimum of 6 feet apart and distance yourself from groups over 10 people. It is recommended to stay home if at all possible to reduce the spread of this novel virus.

    If you are experiencing symptoms it is imperative to quarantine and follow the steps below for testing.

    Testing for COVID-19 Both Penbay and Miles hospitals have set up testing clinics that are open daily. Both are located outside the main hospital areas to lower the risk of cross-contamination. Given that the number of testing kits in Maine is very limited, both hospitals require patients with primary physicians to call their primary physician first. If the primary physician teams a test is needed, the physician then should call one of these clinics directly to secure a testing slot for the patient. Patients without a primary care physician can call directly to be screened by a nurse. Penbay clinic includes a drive-through service and is located at 8 Wellness Ave., Rockland open 9 AM to 6 PM the phone number is 301-3040. Miles clinic is located in the Dorothy white building in the ER parking lot at 35 miles Avenue., Damariscotta, open 8 AM to 8 PM the phone number there is 563-4353.

    Stay safe and healthy,

    Mo Dube-Fortin South Thomaston Local Health Officer


    State of and Access to Municipal Facilities

    Town Office - All access to the general public is prohibited until further notice. We ask that if your business is NON-ESSENTIAL in nature, that you hold off until this public health concern is minimized. If your business is essential, all transactions will take place through the exterior window next to the front entrance. We have increased our online capabilities so that motor vehicles, boats, snowmobiles and ATV’s can be registered electronically as well as getting hunting and fishing licenses. This can be done by going to town-departments/clerks- office/ . We will maintain a limited staff presence during all general business hours so please feel free to call or email us with questions by calling (207) 596-6584 or emailing

    Town  Library - The Library is closed until further notice.

    Stump Dump - The Stump Dump will continue to be open during its normal business hours. Unless we receive official directions from public health officers, you will not be asked to state your recent travel history to gain access to the facility. You will be asked to take care of our own debris and the attendant has been instructed to keep a safe distance from patrons. Although Stump Dump vouchers for contractors are non-essential business activities, we have a process in place for contractors to purchase (electronically) vouchers. The Town Office is closed on Saturday’s so please purchase your voucher in advance during Town Office business hours.

    Skate Park - The municipally owned skate park and playground located on the grounds of the Former Gilford Butler School are still open to the public, at this time. However, we strongly recommend that anyone playing on the playground equipment or skate park sanitize their hands before, during and after play/ use and or wipe down equipment with sanitizing wipes prior to and after use. We further recommend that folks minimize the number of individuals using the equipment at the same time to no more than 10, less is better, and that you keep a minimum of six feet between users at any given time.

    Fire Department and Ambulance Service - These Departments continue to function as normal, albeit with additional precautions in place. To state the obvious, if you need them in an emergency situation they will be there but please apply your best judgement on requesting these services as their calls increase potential exposure for the general community. If you need to get a Burn Permit please visit the Fire and EMS page on our website for information: town-departments/fire-and- emergency-services/

    We greatly appreciate your understanding of the situation we are all facing and hope that we all do our best to limit any potential spread of these germs.


    Team South Thomaston


    South Thomaston has postponed its 2020 Annual Town meeting

    The Town of South Thomaston is pleased to announce the addition of online services including boat registraion renewal and Rapid Renewal for vehicle and trailer registrations. Links for these services and other renewals including ATVs, snowmobiles, and hunting/fishing licenses can be found in the Clerk’s Office page on the Town’s website at
    The South Thomaston Annual Town Meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 31 has been postponed along with the Public Hearing on 2020 Town Meeting Ordinances and the Public Information Session on the Island Road Project. The rescheduled dates of these events will be posted and made known to the public as soon as determined.

    The Town Office continues to be closed to the public but will remain staffed during regular business hours to assist residents through the phone, mail, and email. Please visit the Town website for updates at

    News from the Chair of the Owls Head, South Thomaston, Thomaston Solid Waste Corporation

    While our country, state and local communities are living and working through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Owls Head, South Thomaston, Thomaston Transfer Facility remains open to the public. I would like to assure all of our taxpayers that we will do everything in our power to keep the facility open and safe for our staff and the general public. We will however, like many places throughout our communities, be making some temporary changes. We will continue to monitor the ever-changing situation to see if more adjustments will become necessary.

    The Transfer facility will temporarily reduce its crew by half to reduce exposures, and to have backup crew in case any of our employees become ill.

    With the reduced crew, our staff will not be able to assist those who use our facility like we have in the past.  People that come into our facility will have to take care of the material they bring in themselves. Our crew will be there to give the public direction and to run the machinery.

    All of our buildings will be closed to the general public. If you should need to get someone’s attention, please knock on the door or window, or sound your horn.

    We ask that facility users not cluster at any of the stations at the facility, and to limit your time at the transfer station.  We ask the public to be patient with the staff, and with each other.

    I would like to assure the taxpayers of our three towns that our board members and employees are working hard for you through this difficult time. We are in communication with each other in multiple ways. We will be holding our meetings on their regularly schedule via video communications. If anyone wishes to conduct business with the board they may do so by email. I ask that during the current situation, communication be limited to matters of urgency. The email address is

    Bruce E Colson, Chairman

    Owls Head, South Thomaston, Thomaston  Solid Waste Corporation


    THOMASTON — Effective Thursday, April 2, 2020 until further notice, the Town of Thomaston non-essential employees will be working remotely from home in accordance with the “Stay-at-Home” order issued by Governor Janet Mills.

    Please call (207) 354-6107 and leave a message for any inquiries.

    All messages will be checked daily and calls will be returned by staff.

    A drop box is available to the public at the back entrance to the Thomaston Municipal Building located at 13 Valley Street, Thomaston, for any applications, letters, or payments which will be checked daily.

    Regular postal mail is accepted, and our mailing address is Thomaston Town Office, 13 Valley Street, Thomaston, Maine 04861.

    Please visit our Town website at for further information and for email contacts.

    All essential employees are still working and include: Ambulance, Fire, Police, and Utilities (Pollution Control Department.) If there is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

    There are many online services still available to our residents. Please take advantage of Rapid Renewal to renew vehicle registrations. MOSES through Inland Fisheries & Wildlife is available to purchase fishing and hunting licenses and process ATV and boat registrations.

    “Thank you to all of our citizen’s for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time,” the town said, in its April 1 news release.


    After many meetings, notices, the national declaration of an emergency, taking the CDC advice very seriously, we are immediately implementing some protective measures at the Town Office. The Town Office is closed for in-person transactions. We have many on-line options on our website and we will be available to help by phone, e-mail, mail, fax, and however else we can.

    Questions & Concerns:

    Phone: 785-3658
    Fax: 785-3652

    Email contact information:

    Town Manager Jay Feyler

    Town Clerk Stacey Parra

    Our small staff will be devastated with one positive case, we are going to be extra careful to stop the big bubble...

    Burning permits will not be issued in person (no visitors) but can be done by phone (207-785-3803) and you will have your permit placed on the outside door with your name on it. On-line permits for burning after 5:00 p.m. can be obtained by going to

    There will be no visiting at all with Fire and EMS, we need these folks healthy. No exceptions!

    Salesman, people wanting to chat, please pick up the phone. Building permits, by phone only

    Stay tuned as things change by the hour.


    • For the next 30 days we will not allow any outside groups to use our facilities. We will re-evaluate after 30 days.  
    • We will not allow any of our employees to attend any conferences or non-emergency meetings for the next 30 days (most are already postponed anyway).

    There may be additional restrictions as we evaluate the spread of COVID-19 in Maine.

    The Annual Informational Meeting scheduled for April 6, has been cancelled. The meeting with DOT regarding our sidewalk has been postponed. There currently is no mechanism for the Board of Selectmen to meet remotely as State law does not allow that. We will have our meeting on Tuesday, and by law we must keep it open to the public, but urge the public to send their comments and concerns in electronically and not attend the meeting. So basically any meeting that can be postponed will be, the safety of our citizens and employees are of the utmost important and everything else is "small stuff" in comparison. Please share with all your Union friends and relatives.

    The Town of Union is following the recommendations for planning and response to the corona virus as directed by the Maine Center for Disease Control and the Federal Centers for Disease Control.

    The most current updates are available at the following links: and  


    Starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020 the town office will be closed to the public until further notice. 
    We will, however, by appointment, do NEW CAR REGISTRATIONS ONLY. 
    Office staff will be available to answer the telephone and emails. 
    Please note: you may continue to conduct business through this website  under How do I....?- rapid renewals, pay taxes, etc   845-2897  fax-845-2131

    As of Wednesday, March 25th Selectmen's Meetings will be postponed until further notice. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call the town office.

    A letter from the Washington Health Officer:
    How things have changed. In response to the corona virus, public officials and concerned citizens here in the town of Washington are beginning to work in concert to assist those of us who have fallen on tough times.  Our plan is being developed as I write, and will continue to be in flux in response to daily changes. 

    At present, we are attempting to determine the current needs that exist today in our great town, along with future needs that are bound to change and possibly increase as this virus continues to affect our lives.  At present, our priorities are focused on insecurities of basic needs such as food and water, medication, and social services.  Other needs are bound to be brought up and addressed. 

    We are attempting to identify those in need.  Doing so involves a concerted town effort.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  If you are in need, please reach out to us. We are also aware that some of us might be reluctant to do so. PLEASE...don't be.  Every single one of us could find ourselves without basic needs at any time. For that reason, I am asking that all of us be aware of those who may be struggling and are not reaching out.  Please notify us if you suspect that your neighbors might be having difficulty.

    At present, our town's General Assistance Program is in dire need of funding.  If you can donate, please do.  If you can provide food, especially non-perishables, please do.  Currently, we haven't determined a place to put the food...but we'll figure it out.  Do you have extra eggs from your flock of chickens?  We'd be thrilled to accept them.  If you can take the time to check on your neighbors while following CDC guidelines, please do.  If you believe that you can offer any assistance or services whatsoever to our town, please do.  The list goes on and on.  You get the picture. 

    We are reaching out to the Good Shepard Food Bank. We are reaching out to Area Interface Outreach.  We are reaching out to the Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine CDC.  We will be looking into possible grants and existing funds.  We have some contact numbers that might offer you the assistance that you require that we cannot meet at this time.
    WHO ARE "WE?"  We are your friends and neighbors.  To name a few, we are your Board of Selectmen.  We are your smiling women behind the desk at the Town Office, Mary, Joan, and Stephanie.  We are Sean at "our" wonderful Washington General Store.  We are me, Brian Alves, your local health officer and retired emergency department registered nurse.  We are Don Grinnell from Knox County Emergency Management.  We are Charlotte Henderson, President of the Washington Lakes Watershed Association and our Washington correspondent for the Rockland Courier.  We are our new Emergency Preparedness Officer Corin Flynn.  We are "KIT" Lascoutx, former Emergency Preparedness Officer.  We are Pastor Brad Bean and Deborah Vanna from THE VILLAGE CHURCH.  And "we" are many more (sorry if I didn't recognize all of you at this time) and "we" hope to include "you" in the "we" category! 

    Please remember...this is a work in progress.  Though we would like to be off and running today, it will take time to figure things out, but "we" will be working on this, and "we" hope to set an example for other towns in the state of Maine.

    I, and many of us, can be contacted by calling the Town Office.  Thank you.

    Best to all,
    Brian Alves,
    Local Health Officer,
    Town of Washington


    Reach Sarah Thompson at