Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition to open transitional living house in Rockland

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The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition plans to open a transitional living house for men in recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction at 22 Brewster Street in Rockland in September 2018, after building renovations are completed. The eight-bedroom house will be dedicated to helping men get their lives on track and benefit Rockland through high levels of community service, said Ira Mandel, in a news release.

Mandel is executive director of the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, based in Rockland.

The residence, “The Friends House”, is to offer men a safe and secure place to live and the time needed for their recovery to take deep root in their lives, said Mandel.

MCRC will be working in partnership with treatment professionals, case managers, recovery coaches, and members of 12-step groups and other peer-support programs in the area, he said.

“The house will help address the lack of sober and secure housing for men in Knox County,” Mandel said. “For these men, often their only other alternative might otherwise be to return to place where their drug use began, with associated high rates of relapse and resuming destructive addictive behaviors. The Friends House will help break their cycle of addiction and find the pathway towards rejoining the community in healthy ways. This is all in accord with the larger mission of the MCRC to provide treatment and support services for people dealing with addiction and related issues.”

Christopher Stephen Jenks is to be the live-in house manager.

Jenks is a life-professed member of the Brotherhood of St. Gregory, a religious order in the Episcopal Church, and is a person in long-term recovery himself, said Mandel.

He served as executive director of Fessenden House, a group home for men dealing with mental illness and substance abuse in Yonkers, New York, for 22 years, and, “he brings extensive knowledge and experience to the job as well as a deep commitment to people in recovery,” said Mandel.

He is to be assisted by a team of MCRC staff including Myles Ouellette, a certified alcohol and drug counselor, who will help co-manage the residence. 

“MCRC and The Friends House will build good relationships with Rockland neighbors, especially those living in the immediate neighborhood,” said Mandel. “Residents of The Friends House will help with yard work, painting, small repair projects, snow shoveling, and other neighborhood projects. In addition, MCRC is looking at the possibility of setting up a community garden on the grounds of the house and organizing community gatherings to foster healthy neighborhood connections.”

MCRC will be holding a community meeting on February 28, at 6:30 p.m. in the Rockland City Council Chambers, for the public to ask questions, “ and better understand MCRC’s plans, ask questions, and provide input and support,” said Mandel.

“A healthy community is more powerful than any drug” is the motto of the Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, a, “motto that has proven itself true time and time again in many different settings among people of many different backgrounds,” he said. “The Friends House will be an example of that community in action, for the benefit of the men who live there and the larger community.”

MCRC may be contacted to respond to inquiries and offers of help by calling 207-701-1182 or by emailing info@midcoastrecovery.org.


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Wed, 02/28/2018 - 6:30pm
22 brewster street
rockland  Maine  04856