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Medomak 5th/6th girls travel basketball wins Rockland YMCA tournament

Posted:  Monday, March 12, 2018 - 11:00am

ROCKLAND — The Medomak fifth and sixth grade girls travel basketball team hit the road for the second weekend in a row, this time heading to Rockland for the Rockland Harbor YMCA Invitational on March 10-11. 

Coming off a third place finish in Augusta, the Medomak girls were able to secure a championship victory in Rockland. 

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The Medomak team would like to thank Moody’s Dinner for sponsoring the team and making it possible for them to attend this tournament.

Game One: Medomak 59, Belfast 6

“Medomak came out aggressive and ready to score” from the start of the game, according to Medomak coach Andrea Williamson. 

Andrea Williamson noted all 10 Medomak players scored at least two points in the contest. Medomak “played great defense and passed the ball around showing all players could play,” according to Andrea Williamson. 

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 19-0, 33-4 and 47-6. 

Scoring for Medomak
Natalie Kaler 2
Eliza Luce 2
Lilly Christ 2
Kytana Williamson 6
Sara Nelson 2
Audrey Jackson 8
Olivia Pelkey 2
Haley Puchalski 4
Katerine McKenney 6
Maya Cannon 25 

Scoring for Belfast
Ava Markham 2
Audi Goodwin 4

Game Two: Medomak 27, Georges River 24 

After winning an early morning contest against Belfast, Medomak did not hit the court again until later that evening. 

Despite all the downtime, Medomak was able to channel its winning ways once again Saturday, March 10. 

Medomak held quarterly advantages of 8-2, 12-8 and 21-14. 

After hold strong advantages each quarter, Medomak found themselves looking at a tied game with the score knotted at 23 after regulation following Georges River posting of nine points in the fourth, compared to Medomak’s two. 

In overtime, Medomak “took the early lead and never looked back,” according to Andrea Williamson, and was able to secure a 27-24 victory. 

Scoring for Medomak
Kytana Williamson 4
Sara Nelson 2
Olivia Pelkey 7
Haley Puchalski 4
Katerine McKenney 5
Maya Cannon 9

Scoring for Georges River
Lamb 3
Vote 2
Breen 6
Daggett 7
Webber 6

Game Three: Medomak 20, Five Towns 17

In the game that would decide who would immediately bunch their tickets to the title game, with the loser having to play once more before having a shot at the title game, Medomak secured a 20-17 victory over Five Towns. 

In the late Sunday morning showdown, Medomak posted an 8-6 lead after the first quarter before entering the half tied at 10. Medomak held a 17-12 advantage after the third. 

Scoring for Medomak
Kytana Williamson 1
Sara Nelson 4
Audrey Jackson 2
Katerine McKenney 1
Maya Cannon 12

Scoring for Five Towns
J. Johnson 4
M. Boetsch 2
B. Mackey 2
L. Jones 2
S. Laukka 5
K. Jones 2

Championship: Medomak 24, Five Towns 18

In the loser’s bracket, Five Towns was able to secure a victory to advance to the championship contest, where they would once again face Medomak. 

For the double elimination tournament, Five Town would have to knock off Medomak twice in order to win the crown, with Medomak only having to win once to secure the title. 

After the first quarter, Five Towns held a slim 8-7 lead. 

Heading into the half, Medomak held a 16-9 advantage, and later extended that advantage to 16-11 after the third. 

Scoring for Medomak
Eliza Luce 2
Lilly Christ 1
Kytana Williamson 4
Audrey Jackson 2
Olivia Pelkey 3
Maya Cannon 12

Scoring for Five Towns
J. Johnson 2
M. Boetsch 3
B. Mackey 2
B. Ward 4
S. Laukka 4
K. Jones 3

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