‘Search efforts turned up no sign of Mr. Paradee’

Maine Warden Service, search and rescue crews conduct grid search in Rockport for missing man

Sun, 05/01/2022 - 11:15am

    ROCKPORT — The Maine Warden Service and search and rescue volunteers were out combing the woods of Rockport this weekend, searching for any clues to the disappearance of Jared Paradee, who was reported missing Feb. 19.

    Working in a grid pattern and outfitted in heavy-duty clothing, bright orange hats and vest, the crews were moving across the landscape Saturday and Sunday morning.

    “We searched for Mr. Paradee for one full day (Saturday), this search involved approximately 60 people,” said Sgt. Josh Bubier, who is the Search and Rescue Coordinator with the Maine Warden Service. “Approximately 45 ground searchers, 8 K9 teams, 4 incident command members and 5 support staff.  We covered over 1,600 acres of wooded area, primarily north and south of the Beech Hill Road between Routes 90 and 1.  Additional small blocks covered included wooded areas between Route 1 and the ocean, Main Street to Route 90/route 1 and along the Goose River and the nearby golf course.  Search efforts turned up no sign of Mr. Paradee.”

    They were thorough, making their way through dense undergrowth, across streams and wetlands, through woods and fields, and the occasional clear backyards of local residents.

    “Approximately 45 certified search volunteers belonging to various different search teams across the State from the Maine Association for Search and Rescue (MASAR) which includes 4 K9 teams from the Maine Search and Rescue Dogs (MESARD – which is under MASAR),” said Buber. “We also had support from 5 volunteers from the Salvation Army based out of Brunswick which provided food, water, coffee etc. for our searchers.”

    Jared Paradee was living in Rockport when he vanished.

    A Facebook page, representing a public group, Find Jared Paradee was created, and his friends post updates/new developments there.

    According to friends, Jared was last seen Feb. 18. He was living at the Rockport Suites Motel near the old Market Basket in Rockport, but he is a well known community member in Rockland and could frequently be seen along Main street. Many locals may recognize him from his former jobs at Rock City Coffee Roasters and In Good Company.