Lost Pet Tracking Dogs confirms Jasmyn sighting

Posted:  Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 9:00am

Lost Pet Tracking Dogs have confirmed a sighting reported on April 5 near the Fieldstone Quickstop in South China was, in fact, Jasmyn. She went missing from her Jefferson home in November. The last confirmed sighting was in Belfast on City Point Rd. on Dec. 14.

Lost Pet Tracking has a team of scent tracking dogs. Each time there was a reputable sighting the team verifies. Two of the dogs are also decomposition scent dogs and thus far have not given a signal for that in the case of Jasmyn.

She may have covered a large area since last Friday. Don't hesitate to call Krysten with any possible sighting at 975-9269. Do not chase her. Jasmyn is an Australian Shepherd and does not have a tail.  She is also microchipped and was wearing a red collar with tags when she went missing. Time to get her home to her family. There is a $1,000 reward offered.  Thank you all.


From Dec. 17:

Jasmyn is a one-year-old female Australian Shepherd. She is spayed, tattooed and microchipped. When she left her house in Jefferson, she had a red collar on with a tag with her name, her owner's name (Krysten Moody) and Krysten's phone numbers on it. Jasmyn, was tracked and confirmed just yesterday around Troy Howard Middle School/Church on Route 52, the airport, and old Bank of America complex in Belfast. It's been approximately three weeks but she's still on the run, and her family wants desparately to bring her home.

From Krysten's Facebook page, posted Sunday, Dec. 16:

Today we had many volunteers come out to help search for Jasmyn! We started from her last sighted/scent verified location on Poors Mill Rd/Crocker Rd in Belfast, ME. We covered a lot of ground, however, once Lisa & the K9 Search team arrived, they scented Jasmyn across route 3 to Bank of America (old MBNA). From there the team tracked her to rt 52, by the Troy Howard Middle School/Church, and then to the Belfast Airport where the tracking ended. At this point, this little lady of mine is on quite the journey. She has already hiked well over 36 miles, and continues to be on the move. The most important thing I can ask everyone to do it spread the word. She continues to keep moving, and hasn't seemed to back track once. So I ask everyone to keep sharing on Facebook, keep printing fliers, hand them out to everyone/ everywhere, and tell everyone you know! Not everyone has facebook, but all the sharing on here is doing wonders! I wanted to make this page so everyone is constantly updated. I hope this page gets the word out to more people, and keeps them updated. I know we have a large following and when my little girl makes it home, I want the world to know how thankful we are for everyones help! Because I know getting her come is going to be a community effort! Thank you to everyone so far, you are all amazing, and I can't wait for Jasmyn to meet you all when she makes it back home again!