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Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club to participate in Amateur Radio Field Day, June 25 - 26

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NEW HARBOR — The Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Amateur Radio Field Day, June 25 and 26, 2022, at the Pemaquid Lighthouse in New Harbor.

The American Radio Relay League, ARRL, Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the U.S. and Canada, according to the Lincoln County chapter, in a news release. On the fourth weekend of June of each year, thousands of radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply friends to operate from remote locations.

Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and most of all, FUN!

It is a time where many aspects of Amateur Radio come together to highlight the Club’s many roles. While some will treat it as a contest, other groups use the opportunity to practice their emergency response capabilities. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how Amateur Radio could be of service in an emergency to the general public, according to the release. The contest part is simply to contact as many other stations as possible and to learn to operate radio gear in abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions.

ARRL uses these skills when it helps with events such as marathons, bike-a-thons and so on. These are large, preplanned non-emergency activities.

“Despite the development of very complex, modern communication systems, or maybe because they ARE so complex, ham radio has been called into action time and time again to provide communications in crises when it really matters,” said the release. “Amateur Radio people (also known as “hams”) are well known for their communication support in real disaster and post-disaster situations.”

The Lincoln County Amateur Radio Club will be participating in Field Day at the Pemaquid Lighthouse in New Harbor.

The Lincoln County EMA office will have an ambulance that has been converted to an emergency communications vehicle which has been nicknamed a “Hambulance” on site as one of the operating stations. The public is invited to join, not only to see the hams in action, but also are welcome to get on the air as they have a special “Get On The Air” or “GOTA” station for that purpose with a mentor at hand for guidance, children as well as adults are welcome to participate. All stations are operated on “emergency power” consisting of solar/battery as well as generator power.

The Lincoln County chapter will start setting up at 9 a.m. on Saturday the 25th, and are on the air at 2 p.m. for 24 hours.

Refreshments and coffee will be available for guests.

For further information please visit the website, send an email at, or call Jose Douglas, the club president, at 207 677 0008.

“Hope to see you there, this is a rain or shine event though we prefer the sunshine,” said the release.

Event Date: 

Sat, 06/25/2022 (All day)
Sun, 06/26/2022 (All day)

Event Location: 

Pemaquid Lighthouse


Pemaquid Lighthouse
New Harbor, ME 04539
United States