Letter to the editor: vote Jayne for Maine

Posted:  Monday, May 14, 2018 - 7:15pm

Jayne Crosby Giles will make an excellent representative in the Senate for all of us in Waldo County.  Jayne has a wealth of experience working with the people of our area and an invaluable economic background. Open and receptive, Jayne wants to know what is on people’s minds and will work with others to find solutions that help us in Waldo County.

Jayne understands so many of the challenges facing Maine people.  She has lived in Waldo County most of her life and worked with Maine’s small business owners and families for many years.  As a banking lender and in her work at the nonprofit MaineStream Finance, she supported and advocated for small businesses. At Broadreach and Penquis Cap, she helped area families and supported early childhood education for all children.  Jayne’s extensive volunteering attests to her commitment to people of all ages, from long-time Waldo County YMCA volunteering to recently joining Aging Well in Waldo County.

As her sister, I can attest to Jayne’s strengths as a good listener and problem-solver and one who turns ideas into action- strengths she put to work during two terms in the Maine legislature. Jayne sees problems as challenges and seeks workable solutions- even when there appear to be none.  As young kids, we found our family rowboat landlocked when trying to row from Pitcher Pond to what we were certain must be another lake. While I was disillusioned, Jayne was determined. She led us, dragging and pushing the heavy old boat, over the insurmountable terrain to what we had imagined- Knights Pond. Returning to our camp on Pitcher Pond, we arrived exhausted yet elated. From early beginnings, Jayne’s optimism, determination, and problem-solving continue to succeed and she finds solutions that work-

Jayne Giles is the kind of representative I want in our Maine Senate. In November, vote Jayne for Maine – a vote for the people of Waldo County.

Jan Banks lives in Belfast