Letter to the editor: Televisions at the YMCA should be on

Posted:  Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 7:45am

I am a long time YMCA member and I am there 5 times a week..at least..It is a great facility with a great staff and I truly enjoy going there. I had noticed the three large screen TVs in the cardio room..and often watch them while biking or rowing, I don’t really pay much attention to the channels...just watch what’s on, or I read a magazine. Now I have also noticed that MOST of the patrons at the Y in the cardio or weight room — I frequent both— are plugged in to their headphones or Iphones or whatever. I do not have headphones or earplugs. I had heard from an employee, after the individual TV screens appeared on SOME of the cardio machines, that the big screen TVs would be gone soon as so many folks had complained about the CHANNEL that was on...seriously? If you don’t like the channel, read a book, move to another spot, close your eyes or turn up your iPhone.

Well sure enough, the big screens are off.

I also work for a local agency for disabled adults, one of my clients recently began going to the Y to ride the stationary bike and watch the TV. She enjoys both! She does not have an iPhone or headphones, and there is only one bike with a personal screen which is often occupied when we go. So congrats to you complainers, who have plenty of money and plenty of things to do and options throughout YOUR day, for taking this small pleasure away from someone who does NOT have your money, nor your options.

I would have hoped that the Y would consider the folks who "have not" before they shut off the big screens, as they are part of our community as well. I am sure there are other people who miss being able to watch the big screen TVs and we just watched whatever and went along with the flow..but once again the loud complainers get their way and we lose out. Nice going .

Deb Brady