Letter to the editor: In opposition to Fox Hill development proposal

Posted:  Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 5:30pm

I have lived on Bay View Street since 1960—first as a summer resident, now a year-round resident. In the past 53 years, I have watched the numbers of joggers on Bay View Street rise from zero to scores running on it every day in good weather. Some of the joggers push jogging strollers. I have also watched the numbers of bicyclists, skate boarders, dog walkers, and just plain folks out for a stroll rise exponentially. Those who use Bay View Street enjoy the loop that you can make on your own steam from town, past the lovely graveyard and back into town on Chestnut Street. Once you get past Beacon Street there are many blind curves. The curves are part of Bay View Street's charm. They are also its danger. Though I drive slowly and have never been in a car accident on Bay View Street, I have been in several near misses simply from oncoming drivers thinking they are in the "countryside" and not understanding how slowly they have to drive and how close they have to keep to their side of the road. Add pedestrians to the mix and the danger is even plainer to see.

Though the proponents of the Fox Hill proposal say the traffic on Bay View Street will not increase, it is hard to see how a alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility, operating twenty four hours a day, with a staff and deliveries, will not increase the traffic. My husband, Giovanni Ferrero and I oppose the Fox Hill proposal for the increased traffic and traffic safety hazards such a facility would inevitably bring, both to those who live on Bay View Street and to those who use it every day for recreation; I oppose the proposed zoning changes as an attempt to make possible the future whittling-away (in other parts of town) of the people-friendliness of Camden's streets, which are its pride and joy. And that is to say nothing of the possible whittling-away of Camden's lingering fox, deer, raccoon, chipmunk, mink, vole, pine marten and squirrel friendliness as well--all of whom enjoy Bay View Street as much as everyone else.

Carey Cameron