Letter to the editor: Jayne Crosby Giles has experience, credentials

Mon, 09/17/2018 - 3:45pm

Over the past eight years, Waldo County has been fortunate to have a state senator who is experienced, level-headed, and responsive to the people he represents back home. Term limits prevent Senate President Mike Thibodeau from running again, but fortunately, we have another proven leader ready to step in.

Jayne Crosby Giles’ impressive track record will make her ready on Day One to be an effective leader for the people of Waldo County.

Jayne is one of us, having been born and raised in Belfast and spent most of her life in Waldo County.

Jayne has served in the Legislature before. As a state representative, she was a member of one of the most important committees, Appropriations and Financial Affairs, which is responsible for writing the state budget. She was also the House Lead on the Business, Research and Economic Development Committee.

Her accomplishments outside of the State House are equally impressive. Her three decades of experience as a small business lender and banker have given her an insight into the challenges Maine’s business community faces and solutions that produce results. She was also the CEO of MaineStream Finance, a nonprofit community development bank providing loans and financial services in rural Maine communities.

Jayne’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. She was awarded with the Financial Services Champion for Maine and New England by the US Small Business Administration and is a past recipient of the SBA’s Women Business Advocate award for Maine.

It is rare that we have an opportunity to elect someone with Jayne’s experience and credentials.

Please join me in voting for Jayne Crosby Giles for Maine Senate District 11 on November 6!

Scott Hawthorne lives in Belfast