Letter to the editor: Hills supports voter-approved initiatives

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 9:00pm
 This past year, the people watched as the legislature rejected four referendums voted in by the people of Maine.   I didn’t agree with all those referendums but it doesn’t matter – that’s what most people wanted. In casting my vote on June 12, I am only voting for candidates who promise to respect our Constitutional right to direct democracy through citizen initiatives and the People's Veto. I'm supporting Caitlin Hills for the House first of all because she is a strong supporter of ranked choice voting.  I'm also backing her campaign because she is not one of these politicians who thinks she is smarter than the rest of us, trying to save us from the things we voted for.  Referendums are not suggestions.  Once they are voted on by a majority of us, they are laws that should be followed by all of us.
Cara McCormick is treasurer, the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting