Letter to the editor: Enough is enough

Posted:  Saturday, December 23, 2017 - 2:45pm

Enough is enough. We've all had enough of the personal attacks on Matt Dailey. Not only have they been extremely cruel and disheartening, but they aren't necessary and you obviously don't even know the man. Do you know that he has two children who are in the very school system that he has voluntarily been supporting for the past 6 years? How do you you think they feel seeing their beloved father dragged through the mud over something that could've been avoided had Owen Casas done one very simple thing — told them that a FOAA was going to be requested ahead of time.. But alas, that would mean that someone would have to be honest, and lets not forget, as spoken and reiterated at this past week's meeting, "honesty doesn't matter". 

The Stephen Hands and David Edwards of the world need to take it down about 100 notches. The vitriolic messages that seem like the only way in which they know how to speak are prime examples of what is wrong in today's political climate.
My 17-year-old was at this meeting. He has volunteered on both local and national campaigns and he is majoring in political science in the fall; and having live streamed this meeting myself, I was embarrassed for him. This isn't the world I want him to have to live in. This decision wasn't "personal" as you all like to keep saying. This was a board decision to remove someone from a committee because they were not honest and forthright and didn't have the best interest of the committee in mind. Once the FOAA was requested, by the way, nothing deceitful was found. There is no "conspiracy theory" here. To hear an elected official say "honesty doesn't matter" was just one more example of how some people think they can get to the top.
Now that the meeting is over, and the decision has been made, I am sure the board would like to move forward with the massive amount of work that is still to be done. That is hard to do when people can't seem to stop calling for an uprising and insulting a man, Matt Dailey, who has no political aspirations himself, but whose reputation in the town where he grew up has been trashed. 
So while you sit back and fester on, we'll be enjoying our Christmas dinner with the Dailey family, which will be filled with laughter, love and above all else, HONESTY. Because it does, in fact, matter. 
Susan Chadwick lives in Camden