Make new choices and trust the journey

Learning to Surrender

Mon, 12/24/2018 - 1:00pm

Surrendering is not giving up, abandoning or raising the white flag.

Surrendering is not accepting defeat. 

Surrendering is not failure.

Surrendering is letting go when it is time. It is having the wisdom to know when something has run its course and it’s time to cut the umbilical cord on an idea, thought, desire or relationship. Sometimes, we burden ourselves with worn out beliefs of what we think we need and who we should be, both driven by society’s standards.

There are Infinite possibilities that exist every day, but we do not see them because we have our own itinerary of how we expect our life to be.  We focus on what feels familiar. We invest in a predicted future which causes us to be narrow minded. We become attached to the perfect outcome and get stuck in our thoughts and actions.  We wear a veil, so to speak, to block the possibilities that lay at our feet.

During your day, stop and become aware of how you have conditioned yourself to live your life.  Step away from what you are familiar with. Welcome unfamiliar events and unforeseen opportunities by exploring the options they bring to you. Open up to experience the coincidences and serendipities that are walking down the trail towards you.

Let go and surrender to the present moment. Step beyond certain beliefs that control how you are expected to act and feel about a situation. You will then see the gems glittering on your path, beckoning to get your attention to travel down a new avenue. New possibilities will begin to open up as you welcome new experiences. 

Trust life to show you what your spirit needs. Be open to the day. Do not focus on what you do not want. Rehabilitate your negative thoughts that are on auto replay in your mind. Erase the old tape recordings that do not serve you. Instead, think of what you want to happen. What you focus on becomes your reality. 

Be aware of how you view each experience. Remove your veil of security and see what is in front of you and accept it all with an open mind. Alter your perception. Do not label an experience right away. Get to know it first. View it in a different light.

Change is uncomfortable at first. Feel confident with the unknown and experience the newness of your day, your week, your relationships, your family and your life. Avoid going back to what is familiar if it is not working for you. Make new choices and trust the journey.

Surrender to the magic of the day and the new opportunities it brings your way.