League of Women Voters gets to work registering voters

Posted:  Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 9:45pm

 The Midcoast chapter of League of Women Voters is carrying out voter registration work locally to help high school and college students register to vote for the first time.  League volunteers are working with student peers and will be at Oceanside High School on Wednesday, March 14, Camden Hills Regional High School on Friday, March 23, and University College in Rockland on Tuesday, March 27, and Wednesday, March 28. 

The Midcoast Chapter is providing this opportunity to all the high schools in Knox County and said in a news release that is members look forward to working with them.

“Student voices are driving many social and political movements and the League believes through thoughtful collaboration, we can support and inspire young people to become active and engaged leaders of tomorrow,” the chapter said.

“Tomorrow’s leaders are coming of age at a time of unprecedented diversity and opportunity.  They are also growing up in a nation facing fundamental questions about its place in the world. The League has worked over 90 years to encourage all Americans to take charge of their democracy.  A key element has been voter registration and education to inspire life-long voting habits.  Voter registration is critical to spurring young people to get involved. Consensus data tells us the 75 percent of young people who register turn out to vote in major elections.  The League of Women Voters believes we all have a role to play in inspiring and empowering young citizens to register and vote.”

 For more information about the events or about the League, visit lwvme.org.