Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 07/27/2021 - 9:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from July 12-16 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    John Sommo to Joshua Eric Lipkowitz and Sara Evelyn Schrader.

    Walter G. Esancy and Janice L. Esancy to Ryan Esancy.


    Elizabeth C. Nelson to Keith Lee Perkins.

    Barbara J. Brown Tr. and David L. Brown 1999 Trust to Belmont Glen LLC.

    Wesley O. Benham and Erika K. Benham to Eric M. Cwiertny and Michele L.Cwiertny.

    Bryan S. Carle and Leah C. Carle to Josiah Carle and Candace Carle.

    Marjorie W. Jobe and Stanley P. Jobe to Stanley P. Jobe Tr., Marjorie W. Jobe Tr. and Stanley and Martie Jobe Living Trust.

    Susan L. Masone to Brian J. Zawistowski and Amiee M. Zawistowski.

    Scott Badger Tr. and Dorothy G. Badger Trust to Holly B. English.

    Ruth M. Drake to Ruth M. Drake Tr. and Ruth M. Drake Living Trust.

    Goshawk LLC to Lake and Pine LLC.


    Gregory L. Howland and Corinna Howland to Armando Carpino and Patricia Carpino.

    Alfred L. McAlister to Jack S. Copp and Ann M. Copp.

    Michael F. Whitten Tr., Claire A. Whitten Tr. and Whitten Family Trust to Alexander J. Staples and Heather G. Staples.


    Robert W. Armstrong III to Robert W. Armstrong Tr. and Robert W. Armstrong III Living Trust.

    Jonathan Luke Murphy to Jonathan Lake Murphy and Cassie L. Myers.

    Charlotte Baker Dean and Kenneth Eagles Baker to Dean Baker LLC.


    Michael O. Moore to John Robert Wezowicz and Lisa Wezowicz.

    North Haven

    Stacy McCline Tr. and Rona L. Packer 2012 Revocable Trust to Wendy E. Packer.

    Owls Head

    Barry Pipicello to David Rogers.

    Anne M. Lewis, Anne Lewis Cruz, John C. Cruz and Celestino J. Cruz to Lizabeth M. Joseph and Michael P. Westfall.


    Dorothy B. Maloney Est. to Donna Murgita and Albert L. Maloney.

    Donna Murgita to Albert L.  Maloney.

    Bruce A. Sheaff to Jason Butman.

    Jack S R Copp and Ann M. Copp to Vicki Jo Smith.

    Donald Blackman to Delco LLC.

    Richard D. Warner to Richard D. Warner and Stacey M.  Warner.


    Carl C. Trapani, Sarah O. Trapani and Harriet H. Trapani to Sebastian A. Boyington and Zoe R. Jones.

    Constance M. Wales and William W. Wales to Jeffrey E. Fossum and Michelle S. Fossum.

    Shirley M. Fearson, Gayle F. Nelson and Gayle A. Holman to Ashley Walker and Robert Walker.

    Richard J. Greene to Colleen Kinney and Richard J. Greene.

    Patricia J.  Weller, David H. Berliner and David H. Berliner and Patricia J. Weller Revocable Trust to Henry Coleman Scheuller.

    St. George

    Cathy A. Fales and Cathy A. Ansart to Mary Ann Walsh and Raymond B. Walsh.

    Janet B. Duffy and Donald W.  Slifka to Christine A. Bly.

    Mary Shiplet to Ty Rossi and Richard Waldron.

    Richard T. Young to Richard T. Young Tr. and Richard T. Young Revocable Living Trust.

    South Thomaston

    Arthur L. Rackliff and Nancy O. Rackliff to Christine R. Clayton and William S.  Clayton.


    Susan B. Christensen to Susan B. Christensen and Susan B. Christensen Living Trust.


    Town of Union to Glenn Johnson.


    Karen J. Ritterbush and Stephen W. Ritterbush to Edmund A. Berry Tr., Edmund A. Berry Revocable Trust, Colette M B Revocable Trust and Colette MB Berry Tr.

    Christopher W. Sheeline, William E. Sheeline, Leonora Sheeline, Abby Tucker Sheeline and Mary C. Sheeline to Susan T. Rodriguez, Elizabeth R. Chandler Tr. and Rodriguez Lowrey GST Exempt Trust 2.

    Katherine Dearborn Walker to Thomas Hill Walker.


    Richard J. Sevigny to Noah Coyle.

    Jan Robert Munroe Tr., Lorne R. Munroe Tr., Deed of Trust of Lorne A. Monroe and David C. Munroe Tr. to 10 Phoebe Lane LLC.

    Gordon E. Nicholson to James Karvounis and Nancy Karvounis.

    Faith A. Lockhart to James Karvounis and Nancy Karvounis.

    Ruth J. Perham to James Karvounis and Nancy Karvounis.

    Paul L. Gerry to Dawn l. Pelletier and Stephen M. Pelletier.

    Mark S. Haskell and Susan J. Haskell to Jennifer M. Adams and Joseph T. Adams.

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