Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 11/14/2020 - 9:45pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 2-9 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Nicholas A. Trull to William R. Raddatz and Stephanie A. Raddatz.

    Jason A. Gushee to Walter Read, Jr.


    Clinton Beveridge to Amy Sivigny.

    Robert M. Oxton to Robert M. Oxton and Bobbi Ann Oxton.

    John E. Tooley Estate to Jeffrey L. Stagg and Tara L. Stagg.

    Mark Paolucci and Shelli Paolucci to Mark Paolucci Tr. and 2008 Mark Paolucci Family Trust.

    Bruce L. Hunter Estate to Walter Lamont, Jr.

    Gail R. Flaherty Estate to Mariah Jones.

    Russell J. Collett and Paula Collett to Ivana Rouse and John Rouse.

    Tim J. Sadowski, Janis A. Kay, and Thomas J. Sadowski to Larry Weatherholtz.

    Wayne P. Morong and Caroline W. Morong to Patrick MacmanusTr, Ioli Filmeridis Tr, and Macmanus Filmeridis Living Trust.


    Karl Krute and Laraine Krute to Justin M. Philbrook and Tammy I. Philbrook.

    Joseph S. Mozzone to Susan Luby Mansfield and Cantwell V. Clark.

    Julian CM Fletcher and Russell E. Brackett to Christopher Jordan Crosthwaite and Zoe Sophia Sessums.

    John W. Olson Estate to John Olson, Jr.

    John W. Olson Estate to Samuel Olson.


    Wade Gary Reed and Sherrie L. Reed to Kimberly Maekin Reed.


    Paul D. Niles to Douglas Kennedy.

    Ashley Curtis to Jessica Kent.

    Lawrence D. Hooper and Tamra J. Hooper to Parker R. Gassett.

    North Haven

    Joel D. Rowland and Amy M. Peterson to Peter Joseph Dragonas and Laurie Jane Dragonas.

    Owls Head

    John S. Dow Estate to Laura Maria Anthony and John Patrick Anthony.

    Sharon Millier and Robin Kimberling to Wirimaca LLC.

    John S. Dow Estate to Laura Marie Anthony and John Patrick Anthony.


    Care Net Pregnancy Center of Rockland Maine and Abri Pregnancy Consultation Center to David T. Jones and Margaret T. Jones.

    Susan BL Lewis and Shannon M. Potter to Ellen Clare Rusconi and Cory Scott Rau.

    William Barker to William Garner.

    Joanne E. Lindsey to Roland Albert.

    George W. Dawson to Marjorie D. Lindstrom.

    Roberta T. Dawson Estate to Marjorie D. Linstrom and George W. Dawson.

    Carolyn A. Gourde and Joseph A. Gourde, Jr. to Bernhard H. Metzger and M. Masha Traber.

    Sherwood L. Wotton Jr and Patricia J. Moran Wotton to Karla K. Roberts and Kingsley W. Parker.

    James A. Beaulieu and Katherine L. Thyng to Penobscot Rentals LLC.

    Roy R. Grotton Sr, Linda A. Grotton, and Roy R. Grotton to Candy G. Davis.


    Almar Inc. and Allen D. Mitchell to Kenneth A. Lavin and Errin C. Lavin.

    Christopher M. Merritt and Renita Rae Ann Merritt to Studio Red LLC.

    Stuart H. Sampson and Susan M. Sampson to Caryn J. Clark.

    David Barry to Lawrence D. Cohen and Lasse Lau.

    James B. Sitomer, Ann M. Sitomer, Paul C. Sitomer, and Amy L. Sitomer to Mary L. Sitomer.

    South Thomaston

    Bret P. Shepard to Bret P. Shepard and Joscelyn Shepard.

    Anne L. Rowe to Maureen E. Long and Patrick M. Long, Jr.

    Timothy M. McLean to Jason S. McLean and Morgan L. McLean.

    Jason Dobbins and Jason M. Dobbins to Jason M. Dobbins and Kristin J. Dobbins.

    St. George

    Andrew Joseph Elwell to Doris E. Elwell.

    Herring Gut Learning Center and Herring Gut Learning Center Trust to Murphy Marchese Family Trust.

    Pauline F. Wilcox Estate to James Alberetti and Maria Alberetti.

    Jay Bayles to David F. Brakee and Mary Ann Mason.


    Jason A. Butman to William Gregg Imus and Pennie Diane Imus.

    Jeffrey S. Hill to Megan M. Thorndike.

    Wayne S. Thorndike to Anthony Jones and Doreen Jones.

    Shane R. Sainio and Bonnie L. Sainio to Lea Wolf and Todd Ferguson.

    305 State Street LLC to Carol Ann Dennis.

    David Sternberg to David Sternberg and Linda Sternberg.


    Daniel D. Dumont, Sr. and Janet A. Dumont to Garrett Rayno and Patricia Mederos.

    Patrick B. Wilson to Patrick B. Wilson and Jessie S. Buchanan.


    Lindsey Grandison and Margaret Grandison to Lindsey Grandison Tr, Margaret Grandison Tr, Lindsey J. Grandison Revocable Living Trust.

    William D. Mills and Joy L. Mills to Town of Vinalhaven.


    Gabriel Benjamin Millard to Jennifer A. Averill.

    Irene Torres Estate to Matthew Torres and Jency Torres.

    Noel Christensen and John Messler to Hilary W. Hoyt.


    Evergreen Storage LLC to PBNJ Self Storage LLC.

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