Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 10/20/2020 - 3:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 21-Oct. 1 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Randy D. McKee and Morgan L. McKee to Jacob Johnson.

    Ronald L. Albert to Paul O. McFarland IV and Heidi Obuchon.


    Six Harbor Square LLC to Richard H. Fornell and Arlene C. Fornell.

    Susan J. Morse to Melody Knuth.

    Kevin Carl Clark and Kevin C. Clark to Linda L. Bean and Six Harbor Square LLC.

    James C. Clayton Tr and Lauralee Clayton Tr to Marc Stephen Thiltgen.

    Jeffrey F. Brawn and Robin Y. Brawn to A. Norman Medina and Lanita R. Medina.

    Regina Pierson to Kathleen A. Dullea and Thomas F. Dullea.


    Raymond R. Cubeta and Diane M. Cubeta to Wayne E. Robinson, Jr. and Sandra J. Robinson.

    David F. Provost, Stephen B. Provost, and Cornelia Provost to Valerie Mendelson and Jean Francis Rocheman.


    Robert Arnold Reed Estate to Chandler W. Barter and Ashanti I. C. Barter.


    Jeffrey Payson and Paul Payson to Brittany Payson.

    Sherry L. Payson Estate to Heidi Baker and Sonja Howard.

    Owls Head

    Shane Richard Hatch to Queens Lady Inc.

    Molly Malcolm to Donald Blackman.

    Raynold R. Brooks and Jean O. Brooks to John S. Sprowl and John Stillman Sprowl, Jr.


    Russell Everett Carr to Russell Everett Carr and Martha Carr.

    Gladys Hardy and Gladys S. Dodge to Carolyn D. Dodge.

    John G. Richardson, Jr. Estate to Stephanie Grohs Richardson.

    Cheryl M. Schmitt to Ronald McManus and Martha McManus.

    Hannah H.D. Barrows and George W. Eaton to Judith Emmott.


    Town of Rockport to John Lynch and Sandra Lynch.

    George Gamble III Estate to Christine Gamble.

    George Gamble III Estate to Kerry Whiting.

    Leslie M. Mulhearn to David A. Kapp.

    Joseph Pyne Tr, Christina Pyne Tr, and Pyne Management Trust to Rebecca Blackman.

    St. George

    Victoria R. Markunas to St. George View LLC.

    Jeaneen B. Tr and Harry M. Bickford and Doris Bickford Revocable Trust to Jeaneen B. Monk and Harry M. Bickford III.

    Barbara W. Holmes to Jeremy R. Wintersteen.

    Long Property Management LLC to Hillary Long.

    Dale Johnson and Angela Johnson to Kim W. Woddail.

    Brooks D. Murphy and Amy E. Dutton to Brooks D. Murphy Tr and Brooks D. Murphy Revocable Trust.

    Mary Ballard Tr and Mary Ballard Trust to Charles E. Dorr and Traci Jessup Dorr.

    South Thomaston

    Judith M. Saler to Lawrence Detweiler and Susan P. Detweiler.

    Philip W. Smith Jr. Estate to Philip W. Smith III.

    Jonathan L. Edwards to Samantha A. Woods and Matthew B. Graham.


    Evelyn S. Duff Estate and Evelyn Marie Estate to Union Block Property LLC.

    Susan Elizabeth Perry to Dave W. Perry.

    Anthony Gallace to Judith S. Farley.

    Marilyn F. Doble to Chalen S. Mitchell and Chalen Mitchell.


    Steve Townsend to Carrie D. Nichols.

    Leonard W. Kinzle and Christine A. Kinzle to Daniel J. Broeckelmann and Krista N. Lisajus.

    Cheryl L. Evangelos to David Stimson and Tamora V. Goltz.

    Gregory Cousens and Leann Rider to Brenda Miles and Kevin Jewett.

    Peter M. Little to Benjamin Myers and Jenny Helton.

    Amy R. Patton, Christian P. Beckwith, and Natala W. Paroz to Yelena I. Burdina.


    Judith A. Brann to Tammy E. Armstrong and Christopher Lee Armstrong.

    Andrea Webb and Andrea Gaylor to James M. Pease.

    George H. Paneta III and John Planeta to Jody Greco, Amy LeClair, and Abby Planeta.

    Daniel Ford to Abigail Martha Botley and Noah Benjamin Botley.

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