Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 08/10/2020 - 2:30pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from July 27-31 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Ken L. Bishop and Sheilah W. Bishop to Robert Gustafson and Diane Gustafson.

    Jennifer Thieme to Jeffrey M. Mathews.

    Deborah Moskowitz to Barbara Powell.

    Lucinda B. Watson to William A. Barrett and Erin K. Barrett.

    Paula W. Williamson to Neal F. Williamson and Paula W. Williamson.

    Amy S. Campbell to Caitlen C. Hosken.

    Lianne Pottle to Gabrielle Foster Attra.

    Thomas Amory and Mary Wilpers Amory to Sarah Horton Pike and Joshua Lee Pile.

    Matthew W. Flick to Karen Giansiracusa and David Giansiracusa.


    Evelyn J. Taylor to David Taylor.


    Mark S. Bajko and Susan J. Bajko to Jana Brownlee and Hannah Johnson.

    Adelaide M. Weymouth Tr, Norman E. Weymouth Tr, and Adelaide M. Weymouth 1996 Revocable Trust to Kim Hollaender and Grace M. Hollaender.


    Barbara Hopping Newman Estate to John W. Newman.

    Mark Paolucci to John K. Hughes and Dorothy G. Hughes.

    Elaine C. Gertner and Elaine Stella Crabtree to Elaine C. Gertner.

    Owls Head

    Richard D. Oliver and Debra L. Oliver to Mark W. Strong Jr. and Huong T. Strong.

    Richard W. Strong to Scott Strong and Lorrie Strong.

    Bertell O. Drinkwater and Marilyn Drinkwater to Martina Burgermeister.

    Byron E. Weatherbee Family Trust to Jeffrey T. Weatherbee Tr to Douglas G. Wilson and Gail S. Wilson.


    Michael D. Callahan and Jocelyn D. Callahan to Joshua C. Callahan and Katy J. Callahan.

    Midcoast Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Rockland Duplex LLC.

    Harris E. Pendleton to Harris E. Pendleton Tr, Janet Gilligan Tr, and Harris E. Pendleton Living Trust.

    Stephen P. Miller to Peter L. Temple.

    Heidi R. Taylor to Philip John Leigh.

    Charles D. Huntley Estate to Travis Bruce Johnson and Misty Danielle Johnson.

    Michael S. Clark to Anthony Buendo.

    Arland Dunbar to Keith Davie and Nicole Dunbar.


    Richard W. Strong to Sue Schwartz and Robert Schwartz.

    Ralph D. Mackey and Susie Mackey to Kevin Mackey.

    St. George

    Deanna Z. Smith to Deanna Smith Irrevocable Realty Trust.

    Robert J. Campbell to Celia M. Campbell.

    David J. Brown and Ronald E. Brown to Nudyan Harmithasari and Zebediah Tracy.

    South Thomaston

    Roland L. Albert to Don Aaron Freeman and Erin Tokarz.


    Maria L. Crane to Jared R. Crane.

    James M. Glenn Estate to Stephen J. Glenn and Rachel A. Gorecki.


    John Kevin Hughes and Dorothy G. Hughes to Addie Stambaugh.

    David M. Simmons to Adam M. Simmons Tr, Amy C. Judkins Tr, and David M. Simmons Irrevocable Trust.


    Van A. Guilford and Eugene A. Guilford to Van A. Guilford, Eugene A. Guilford, and Christopher Guilford.

    David S. Boughton Supplemental Third Party Needs Trust and Ingrid Can Steenberg Tr to Matthew Boughton.

    Nathaniel W. James IV Tr, Nathaniel W. James III Revocable Trust, Robert R. James Tr to Lee Shore Farm LLC.


    Lawrence B. Smith and Gale A. Smith to Jennifer Joyce Jura.

    Dragon Company Products LLC to Arleigh Kraus.


    Alfred Holz to Brian Brurud.

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