Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 07/12/2020 - 4:30pm

ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from June 29-July 3 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Bobby Morton and Toni Morton to Dennis Taylor and Kimberly Taylor.


Tandra L. Hammer and Tandra L. Cadigan to Buck Allan Beaudoin.

Robert J. Reder and Anne P. Reder to Harold C. Amsel and Dina Amsel.

Sally C. Fernald to Joel Mahoney.

Catherine Keefe Furr Tr and Mary B. Keefe Living Trust to MacKenzie L. Lyman and Drew H. Lyman.


Diane Nevero and Diane MacLeod to Eric Meklin.


Joel M. Fearn Estate to William A. Perfetto and Terry L. Perfetto.

Mary F. Armstrong Estate to David Kapp and Cecily Kahn.


Jeffrey C. Lord and Nancy M. Dowling to Richard A. Bresnahan and Ann W. Bresnahan.

Owls Head

Jacquelyn B. Lawrence and Glenn E. Lawrence to Kendra M. Boccelli and Kenneth A. Jones.

Donald E. Wiley and Geraldine G. Wiley to Alan D. Marriner and Joella A. Marriner.

William J. Johnson Jr and Jeanne E. Johnson to Woodman Realty LLC.


Joseph Carroll and Elizabeth A. Carroll to Michael Hoffmann.

Midcoast Habitat for Humanity to Teal E. Finley.

Robert D. Alex and Robert Dean Alex to Theresa E. Locklear.

Linda L. Bean and Linda B. Jones to JW Clark LLC.


Paul C. Warren to 114 Commercial Street LLC.

Celebration of Life Family Church and Anchor Church to Anchor Church.

Thomas Chase Watson to William N. Spear and Robin L. Spear.

Elizabeth Knauer and Elizabeth E. Knauer to Andrew Lowe and Elizabeth Knauer.

Robert E. Dodge and Carol F. Dodge to Emily S. Lusher and Jon D. Bahrt.

John R. Dehn and Toni Dehn to Caleb H. Lincoln.

Christine J. Shyne to William V. Shyne.

Mary Morrill, David Morrill, and David Morrill Living Trust to Samoset Resort Timeshares Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Michael Margolis to Molly L. Brosnan and Stephen J. Wagner.

Sara A. Almy Tr. and Donald C. Almy Living Trust to Anthony J. Almy.

Fancy Family Revocable Trust and Kimberly A. Perkins Tr to Kimberly A. Perkins and Dean E. Perkins.

South Thomaston

Burton H. Hendricks Estate to James A. Hendricks, Tina L. Russell, and Ronald W. Russell Jr.

Rebecca J. Peasley and Todd J. Peasley to Griffin J. Leclair and Elsie L. Mason.

Carol A. Martin Estate to Richard Rottlov and Ellen Clancy.

St. George

Frank Cantor and Esmeralda Cantor to Jorge H. Fernandez and Jennifer W. Mack.

Christine N. Morgen, Elizabeth N. Davis, Victoria N. Tabor, Kimberly E. Cohen Tr, and Clark Island Trust to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.


Therese A. Kleinkauf Estate to Thomas Quinn and Susan H. Quinn.


Mark A. Johnson to Mark A. Johnson and Corinne M. Lear Johnson.


Betsy D. Bates Estate to Michelle M. Fuerst, Nicole F. Lamont, and Julie C. Beck.

Tony Tibbetts to Tony Lembo.


Wayne R. Crandall and Rosetta Ann Crandall to John H. Montgomery and Elisabeth R. Montgomery.

Allen J. Griggs to Tucker Murch and Christopher Clancy.

Florine H. Simons to Wendy L. Rolerson.

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