Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 06/27/2020 - 10:00pm

    ROCKLAND – The following deed transfers were recorded from June 8-12 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Timothy Hynd to Nicholas Dorr and Heather Dorr.


    William I. Jack to Hugh Oliver Brock IV and Kimberly Sue Rowe.

    Carl A. Horrocks to Carl A. Horrocks and Catherine C. Horrocks.

    Frances C. Hart Tr and F. Hart Revocable Trust to Frances C. Hart.


    June M. Hoyt Estate to George L. Hoyt.

    Theodore P. Tremper III to William G. Aboud.


    Thomas V. Hardy to Denton Jones Family Trust.

    North Haven

    North Haven Grange No. 496 to Jamien Shields and Joshua Ryan.

    Maine State Grange P of H to Jamien Shields and Joshua Ryan.

    Paul S. Hopkins Estate to Susan B. Stultz.

    Owls Head

    319 Enterprises LLC to OHGS Realty LLC.


    Corson Realty Management LLC to Boles Realty LLC.

    Patrick A. Chamberlin to Benjamin Carey and Theresa Carey.

    Efi Marine to Peter A. MacDonald and Bonnie C. MacDonald.

    Geraldine B. Bernard to William W. Fick Tr, Olga V. Galkina Tr, Olga V. Galkina Trust 2020, and Willima W. Fick Trust 2020.


    Robert E. Dodge and Carol F. Dodge to Kessler T. Horty and Adrienne N. Horty.

    Star Brothers LLC to Kenneth Starr.

    Deepay Mukerjee to Deepay Mukerjee and Anik Mukerjee.

    Deepay Mukerjee to Deepay Mukerjee and Shayon Mukerjee.

    Artisan Properties LLC to Cameron Gartley and Audrey Knowlton.

    Patterson Mobile Home Park LLC to Rockport MOH LLC.

    Frances C. Hart to Frances C. Hart Tr, Joann Plourde Tr, and F. Hart Revocable Living Trust.

    Kurt D. Dossin to Dossin Family Living Trust, Kurt D. Dossin Tr, and Anne B. Dossin Tr.

    St. George

    Thomas A. May and Susann T. May to May Family Trust.

    Beatrice A. Wright to Megan Michelle Washburn and Spencer Bradford Washburn.

    George Wicker Elderkin III to George Wicker Elderkin III Tr and G. Wicker Elderkin III Living Trust.

    George Wicker Elderkin III Tr, Bryan B. Houghton Tr, and Robert B and Maren B. Houghton Family Trust to George Wicker Elderkin III Tr and G. Wicker Elderkin III Living Trust.

    Lindsay N. Rome to Donna J. Webster.

    Jerry G. Fales to Jane P. Merrill.

    Christina A. Bly to Ivan A. Bly.


    Dana R. Verge to David C. Heilman and Suzanne Weller.

    Prudence L. Netzorg and Phillip L. Netzorg to Alison Hill.

    Philip J. Russomano and Philip J. Russomano Jr to Philip J. Russomano and Kellie M. Russomano.


    Philip R. Morton and Russel P. Morton and Sharon L. Hill.


    Jane Sylvester to Jane Sylvester and Hilary S. Stanley.

    Keith A. Smalley to Keith A. Smalley and Juanita J. Smalley.

    Jonathan A. Burns and Patricia A. Burns to Marshall G. Spear.

    Barbra Isabel Bragg to Paul W. Monska and Martha Ellen Garrison.


    Thomas Ashley Lawson Estate and Thomas A. Lawson Estate to Rodger D. Eugley and Kelly J. Thompson.

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