Knox County deed transfers

Sun, 02/16/2020 - 3:00pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 10-14 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Linda M. Norton Estate to Rebecca M. Hodge and Rachel A. Steer.

Carter Christine Haines, Haines Christine Carter, Christine J. Haines, Judith Carter Haines, Judith Haines Carter and Judith E. Carter to Carter Christine Haines, Carter Judith Haines, Christine Haines Carter and Judith Haines Carter.

Peter Berke, Patricia Berke and Patricia Anderson to Patricia Berke Tr., Peter Berke Tr. and Peter Berke and Patricia Berke Living Trust.

Christopher Graham and Pamela Graham to Joel D. LaFleur and Jane B. LaFleur.


Emma Virginia Starrett Estate to Marilyn Pitcher.

Penny H. Reckards to Harbor Master Home and Cottage LLC.


High Field Development LLC to Kelly Douglas Wayne Jr. Tr. and Douglas Wayne Kelly Sr. Family Trust.


Pheneta Gertrude Belyea Estate to Edward C. McLellan and Anita H. McLellan.

Carla McCorrison to Jesse Bifulco Tr. and Carla Jean McCorrison Irrevocable Trust.

Jean S. Libby, Steven W. Libby and Raymond T. Libby to Steven F. Libby and Judith Libby.


Paul Keith Ernst to Lori J. Ernst.

Alan C. Russell and Laura W. Russell to Craig Harvey and Vivian Harvey.

Bain D. Pollard and Jerriann C. Pollard to Todd C. Hatch and Christina L. Hatch.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Edna Cassel Miller.

St. George

Darren Post, Melissa Post and Levi D. Post to Levi D. Post.

John P. Risler and Hillary A. Risler to Wynn W. Jeter.

South Thomaston

John D. Clark and Judith Y. Clark to Karen L. Tooley.


Maegan E. Foley and Keri L. Foley to Marianne H. Bockli.

Stephen A. Little and Carol A. Little to Meredith Lynt and Adam Lee Bullard.


Thomas E. Wason and Susan Lundy to Thomas E. Wason and Susan Lundy.

Thomas A. Gautesen and Debra A. Gautesen to Thomas A. Gautesen and Debra A. Gautesen.


Muriel Lorraine Oakes Conway Estate to Clarence W. Conway.


Calvin R. Morin and Michele D. Morin to Micah Morin.

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