Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 12:30pm

ROCKLAND The following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 3-7 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Paul E. Tolman and Florence E. Tolman to Paul E. Tolman, Florence E. Tolman and Matthew Paul Hall.


Kristi G. Brady and Kristi L. Genthner to Brian Simmons.

Jane Shaughnessy McCarthy Estate, Jane McCarthy Estate, Jane S. McCarthy Estate and Shaun McCarthy Estate to Morgan Royal Laidlaw Tr. and Jane Shaughnessy McCarthy Living Trust.

Laidlaw Royal Morgan Tr. and Jane Shaughnessy McCarthy Living Trust to Morgan Royal Laidlaw and Morgan R. Laidlaw.

Morgan Royal Laidlaw to Foxfire Maine LLC.


Dale C. Prior to Pamela E. Taylor.


Joanne L. Genthner, Charles W. Lash and Nancy L. Lehman to Brooke L. Genthner.


Kelly Wayne Douglas Sr. Family Trust and Kelly W. Douglas Jr. Tr. to Rita-Marie McConnon and Christopher R. Rogers.

Owls Head

May D. Grant to Lynn M. Davis and Larry E. Davis.


Cassie Carey to Robert E. Freeman and Susan E. Freeman.

Paul Coster to 558 Main Street LLC.


James R. Gallagher to Caroline G. R. Lafiura and Todd Allen Lafiura.

Richard A. Nightingale to Paul Sobchuk and Sheila Smith.

Richard A. Nightingale to James Bell and Ashley Bell.

Boomauger Inc. to Manuel Mercier and Maryann Mercier.

Kenneth L. Bickford to Paul A. Bickford.

David R. MacWilliams and Christine M. MacWilliams to Keri Foley and Megan Foley.

South Thomaston

Thomas A. Goettel and Beth H. Goettel to Thomas Arthur Goettel Tr., Beth Lynn Goettel Tr. and Torngat Living Trust.

Elaine L. Smith to Elaine L. Smith Tr. and Elaine L. Smith Living Trust.

St. George

Ralph E. Cline Jr. Estate to Shirley Cline.


Peter W. Gasperini to Allie Small.


Paul N. Sampson and Julia B. Sampson to 171 Camden Road LLC.

Lesley Ann Milliken Estate to Nancy Boyden.

Laurie Elyse Baio Tr. and Baio Protection Trust to Scott A. Hibl, Jenny L. Barrett Hibl and Jenny L. Barrett Hibl.

Brent R. Richardson and Audrey G. Richardson to John W. K. Lufkin and Jannetta A. Lufkin.

Brian G. Tolman and Colleen I. Chisholm to Joseph R. Overlock and Amanda A. Overlock.

James A. Spear and Nancy Spear to Jeffrey Abbott Spear.

Ashley L. Chase to Joseph M. Lewis.


Brian F. Simmons to Elliott B. Grindle.

Arthur T. Hibbert to Daniel Hibbert and Catherine Hibbert.

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