Knox County deed transfers

Sat, 01/18/2020 - 11:45pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 6-10 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Justin E. Gushee, Raymond E. Gushee, Ryan Lanphere and Jeffrey M. Scott Jr. to Gilbert Lane Jr. and Nira Palta.


Matt W. Belkin to Matt Belkin Trust and Matt Belkin Tr.

Henry D. Haynes Tr., Joan B. Haynes Tr. and Haynes 2018 Trust to Madeline Zaveta and Richard Zaveta.

Sarah B. Lapides and Matthew I. Lapides to Sarah B. Lapides Tr., Matthew I. Lapides Tr. and 55 Codman Island Road Realty Trust.

Tracy A. Sabia, Robert J. Nilsson and Alan T. Nilsson to Demetrios M. Kostakis and Panayiotis M. Kostakis.


Arnold A. Kinney to Jackson Samuel Kinney.


Daniel P. Bissonnette and Karen J. Bissonnette to Arthur Stojak and Dondi Stojak.


Jeremy D. Howard and Marcie L. Howard to Nicholas J. O'Hara and Lindsey Beth O'Hara.

Robert B. Monroe and Angela J. Monroe to Robert G. Winslow and Donna L. Winslow.

Owls Head

Martha McCarty to Martha McCarty and Mark McCarty.


Barbara E. Allen Estate to Olivia Stevens and Lisa Carleton.

Christopher J. Young and Bobbi J. Young to Rock Coast Properties LLC.

Blaine W. Curtis and Monica L. Curtis to Winston Pfotenhauer and Ingo Pfotenhauer.

Daniel Reuben Hestad to Frederick Dodd Tr. and Todd Family 2006 Trust.

Warren T. Perry to Warren T. Perry Tr. and Warren T. Perry Trust.

Daniel Reuben Hestad to Frederick Dodd Tr. and Dodd Family 2006 Trust.


Joan C. Stasiak Tr. and Stasiak Living Trust to Joan C. Stasiak.

John W. Peterson Tr., Peterson Family Trust and Ester B. Peterson Tr. to Roland W. Foss III and Michelle J. Foss.

Jeanne W. Rogers to Daniel W. Elias and Patricia C. Elias.

Ellen L. Spooner to Taylor Hart Investment LLC.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Barbara Kennedy, Christina L. Hatch and Todd C. Hatch.

Thomas H. Gray and Andrea M. Gray to Jeffrey R. Hart and Melissa A. Hart.

Wendy Lewis and Mark Lewis to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Wendy Lewis and Mark Lewis.

St. George

Edward F. Kloman and Kelly Anne Schwenkmeyer to Leah C. B. McMillan and Ian C. McMillan.

Kenneth R. Donovan and Carol I. Donovan to Laura Hill.

Arnold A. Kinney to Arnold A. Kinney and Jackson Samuel Kinney.

Jonathan Polky, Linda Mack, Andrew Jacob Harvey, Nichole Renee Harvey and Mary Anne P. Greiner to Daniel I. Greiner.

Stephanie L. Adams to Jacob B. Dinces and Julie D. Sirois.


Mari E. Talkin to Alan Blake and Nadia Blake.


Colin R. Wentworth to Branden C. Densmore and Marymarcel Solano Aronez Densmore.


Germaine O. Drake Estate to Robert G. Drake Jr.

Anna Maria Petillo to Portobello Roads LLC.


David H. Pier and Karen Pier to Jet Real Estate LLC.

Warren Sanitary District to Charles Jones.

Carleton E. Johnson and Laurie Starrett Johnson to Leroy I. Harrington IV.

Florine H. Simons to Tina Zantrofski and David Zantrofski.

Howard L. Wiley to David A. Wiley and Hannah M. Wiley.

S. Bank NA Tr. and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate Pass Through Certificate Trust 19995 to Lynn Grant.


Sherry R. Ripley and Matthew E. Ripley to Samuel Hawthorne.

Lee Shane and Ebyn Moss to Lee Shane.

Charles Nelson and Cynthia Nelson to Maine Recreation and Design.

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