Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 01/13/2020 - 10:00pm

    ROCKLAND — The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 23, 2019-Jan. 6, 2020 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


    Cheri L. Raye and Cheri Hackett to Jenni Libby.

    Wayne N. Roberts and Susan M. Roberts to Nakia L. Cramer and David A. Rawley Jr.


    Breda to CP Lending 3 LLC.

    Frank R. Carr Estate to Ann Arlington Pixley.

    Ronna L. Emery Estate to Dawn M. Emery.

    Jeffrey A. Jones and Catherine A. Reising Jones to Christopher Cousins.


    GGL LLC to Alyson M. Jones.

    Eric Urbahn to Sherrill Wilson Liljegren and Bruce Liljegren.

    Grover C. Worcester and Carol M. Worcester to Robert Elliott and Nicole L. Elliott.

    Edwynna M. Crute to Nissehaus LLC.

    Jane L. Burke Tr. and Jane L. Burke 2003 Revocable Trust to James L. Burke Tr. to Lawrence E. Burkhalter and Laura Arlene Bourne Burkhalter.


    Gay McOwan to Gay McOwan Tr. and Gay McOwan Living Trust.

    Elizabeth S. Vanderploeg to Elizabeth S. Vanderploeg and Douglas A. Vanderploeg.


    Katea Lynd Sebesta and Ashley Leann Smith to Catherine M. Cleaveland.

    Terry A. Miller and Terry Anne Paquette to Martha Marquez.

    Isle Au Haut

    Union Congregational Church of Isle Au Haut to Timothy H. Gailey and Mary Ellen Gailey.

    Robert G. Berber to Isle Au Haut Community Development Corporation.

    North Haven

    David A. Jones Tr., John D. MaComber Revocable Trust and John D. MaComber Tr. to Kenneth A. Corson Jr. and Catherine E. Corson.

    Dorothy G. Brown Estate to Kimberly B. Alexander.

    Dorothy G. Brown Estate to J. O. Brown and Son Inc.

    John D. Macomber Revocable Trust, John D. Macomber and David A. Jones Tr. to Kenneth A. Corson Jr. and Catherine E. Corson.

    Owls Head

    Eric E. Shaw to Ann McDonald Bex 1996 Trust.

    Jonathan Frye and Susan Frye to Frye Properties LLC.


    Henry S. Woodbridge III to Candace L. Banks.

    Elizabeth H. Knight to Josephine M. Lennon.

    Maine State Housing Authority and Bangor Savings Bank Atty to Angela Tannicelli.

    Erika T. Gagne and Erika Gleason to Catherine A. Smith Ventura.

    Narragansett LLC and Colin R Wentworth to Theresa M. Butler, William A. Simmons, Cecelia N. Verta and Joseph V. Colon.

    Highland Street Ext. LLC to Kathryn J. Southworth.

    Bank of America NA Atty, Maine State Housing Authority, Harvey A. Richardson and Cindy L Richardson to Maine State Housing Authority.

    Ervin F. Wooster to James C. Black and Sally Black.

    Ria Biley to Cathy G. Guaqueta and Carlos Armando Guaqueta.

    Long Property Management LLC to Galen N. Whited.


    Amy S. Campbell to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

    Carol A. Labbe to Jeffrey B. Trombly and Judith Fox.

    Margaret J. O'Brien to John A. Bonadio and Tracy R. Bonadio.

    Paton Agency Inc. to Stanley P. Paton and Judith L. Paton.

    James J. Algrant Estate to Douglas Kennedy and Elizabeth Kennedy.

    Gayle M. Graffam to James H. Graffam Jr. and Sarah A. Graffam.

    Nelson C. Bell and Anne W. Bell to Michael J. Chapkovich.

    Howard Mortenson and Martha Mortenson to Nancy Primeaux Tr. and Nancy Ellette Ricards Primeaux 2012 Gift Trust.

    Charles R. Christie, Marjorie E. Christie and Marjorie E. Timmermann to Pamela A. Laurenzi.

    Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Michelle J. Cloutier.

    South Thomaston

    David C. Cousens to David C. Cousens and Lorri Cousens.

    Perozzi Family Trust, Gerald F. Perozzi Tr. and M. Harlene Henry Tr. to Richard Norman and Anne Norman.

    Ryan M. Minikis and Camille Minikis to Arclight Holdings LLC.

    Kevin R. Thompson to Laura B. Myers.

    Leeanne Ames to Christopher L. Young and Kimberley A. Young.

    Brenda B. Calderwood to Thomas W. Christie and Linda I. Christie.

    St. George

    Mary L. Webb Estate to Brian G. Field.

    Town of St. George to William R. Larocque Estate and Dorothy D. Larocque Estate

    Charles Randall Plummer, Janet E. Moore and Janet Plummer to Sean M. Kinsella and Alicia M. Mordenti.

    Sleepy Hollow Farm LLC to Caldwell Stone Islands Properties LLC.

    Sleepy Hollow Farm LLC to 51 Factory Road LLC.

    Hall Family LLC to John O'Donoghue and Holly O'Donoghue.

    Constance D. Lehtinen and Constance Lehtinen to Matthew J. Cotton and Martha A. Cotton.

    Fred L. Adair Jr. and Catherine Steiner Adair to Fred L. Adair Jr. Tr., Catherine A. Steiner Adair Tr. and Adair Steiner Adair Otis Point Trust.

    Tammy Thorbjornson to Marsh Brook Landscaping LLC.

    Richard Hagar Tr. and Charles E. Roberts Trust to Beverly Anne Hagar.


    444 LLC to Douglas E. Anderson Jr. and Rhonda L. Anderson.

    Brian J. Dupnick to William J. Leszczynski Jr. and Jennifer L. Leszczynski.

    Lee C. Van Dine and Wendy Jo Van Dine to Kathleen Martin and Nicholas Martin.


    Lynne Arnold to Katherine Ulmer.


    James P. Gaston to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

    Sabrina J. Marriner and Sabrina J. Martin to Dallas M. Martin Jr.

    Elaine B. Potter and Barbara E. Potter Dev. to John K. Hopkins.

    Bryan Creighton to John K. Hopkins.


    Lee A. Sligh and Thomas C. Prescott to James Marvin Appleby and Jennifer Lynn Appleby.


    Evan Touchette to Jonathan R. Cormier and Maitana Benicio.

    Ethel F. Bartlett Estate to Elden Dean Bartlett, E. Dean Bartlett and Larry Dale Bartlett.

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