Knox County deed transfers

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 4:15pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 4-8 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Linda Dellarman to Jonathan Paul Morris and Teresa M. Morris.

James C. Burnett and Angela M. Burnett to Philip T. Dinkins Tr., Philip T. Dinkins Revocable Trust, Edmond L. Lally Tr. and Edmond L. Lally Revocable Trust.

Kipp C. Wright and Elizabeth F. O'Connor to Cavalier Concepts LLC.

Helen B. Carlisle to Knox Mill Property LLC.

Knox Mill Property LLC to Lee Dunham Webb.

John Clapp and Stephanie Clapp to Bradley Scott Carter.

Harold H. Owen Jr. Estate to Walter Lamont Jr. and Avary Lamont.

Andrew D. Caverly and Lauren A. Caverly to Richard D. Zaveta and Madeline Zaveta.


Daniel M. Zappala to Henry G. LaBrie III and Martine LaBrie.

Tucker Michael Walsh and Samantha J. Levin to Craig Hunter and Megan Berthold.

Owls Head

Virginia S. Crute and Douglas W. Crute to Elizabeth Anne Breen and Matthew Philip Breen.

Jacqueline M. Noel Tr. and Roland E. Noel Revocable Trust. to Jeffrey Hawes and Katey Hawes.

Cynthia S. Blackman to Cynthia S. Blackman and Ryan S. Blackman.


Marie W. York to Eric J. Maynard and Jennifer M. Maynard.

Charles R. White Jr. to Aaron Crossman.

First National Bank to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

William A. Lewis and Julie A. Lewis to Vanessa Shields Haas and Laura J. Haas.

Cheryl L. Michaelsen and Michael F. LaPosta Jr. to Maude and Dixie LLC.

Chester V. Dates and Susan L. Dates to Laurence E. Wildes and Laurence E. Wildes and Johanna I. Wildes.


Charles W. Collins and Dianne W. Collins to John E. Barbour and Tanja S. Barbour.

Patricia Jane Brennan Estate to Cynthia M. Devisscher.

Angela Prete Matthews and Angela Prete to Elias Medical Professional Corporation.

Gail L. Johnson and Gail Lorain Johnson to Gail L. Johnson Tr. and Gail L. Johnson Revocable Living Trust.

Peter D. Viano and Katherine S. Viano to Bruce K. Olfield and Leanne W. Jardine.

Lawrence J. Murphy Tr. and Gail V. Moss Revocable Trust to Kipp C. Wright and Elizabeth F. O'Connor.

Joel E. Hokkanen and Rebecca O. Hokkanen to Berwick Hill LLC.

Pamela J. Boland and Thomas J. Boland to Thomas Shepard and Rochelle Shepard.

Ann C. Eiselein to Mark W. Miller.

St. George

Christina P. Tilt Tr., Christina P. Tilt Revocable Trust and Albert Tilt III Revocable Trust to Don Ed Holmes and Sanjanita Balboa Holmes.

Jamus Driscoll to Treasure Point Road Association Inc.

Norman Dennison Jr. to Norman Dennison Jr. and Randy R. Dennison.

Bonnie V. Fay Estate to Timothy C. Fay and Lisa D. Fay.

Robert Stephen Scott Estate to Theodore A. Scott, Stephen R. Scott, Stephen C. Scott and Brian J. Scott.

Town of St. George to Glen E. Haight.


Beverly St. Clair to Jason Petty and Lindsey Petty.

Burgess and Hooper LLC. to MVID LLC.


Camden National Bank to Barrett Hill Realty Trust.

Ashley Elwell and Matthew R. Elwell to Megan H. H. Skidgel.


Margo Carroll to Peter J. Carroll.

Peter J. Carroll to Peter James Carroll Tr. and Peter James Carroll Living Trust.

Nicholas Potter and Lee Potter to Mark C. Subias, Todd J. Almond and Martha Lane Corporation.

Wilfred York Tr. and York Irrevocable Realty Trust. to Michael Webber, Virginia Cantrell, Kenneth F. Banks and Jodie Arey.

Elwood Group LLC to 64 Main Street LLC.


Eugene H. Gaudette and Alice C. Gaudette to Eugene H. Gaudette Tr. and Gaudette REalty Trust VI.

NRZ REO X LLC and Meridian Asset Services LLC Atty. to Joan T. Thibault.


Gary Harriman and Susan Harriman to James David Harding and Razella Avril Harding.

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