Knox County deed transfers

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 11:45pm

ROCKLAND - The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 3-6 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Walter Lamont Jr. to Lawrence S. Singer and Denise G. Miller Singer.


Jay C. Evans and Patricia M. Evans to Jay C. Evans and Patricia M. Evans.

Theodore C. Moccia and Susan M. Moccia to Yves G. Vitasse and Teresa Vitasse.

James M. Rose and Diane B. Rose to Normajean Dellapina Domon and Frank H. Domon.

Dale A. Warn and Roger E. Warn to Charlotte R. DiMaccio.

Robert L. Hammer Tr. and Robert L. Hammer Trust to Lisa T. Jones Tr. and Lisa Taylor Jones Trust.


John R. Maher Tr., Skye W. Maher Tr., Maher Family Revocable Trust of 2018 and Phyllis Maher Tr. to Barbara Kurys.


Elsbeth G. Bellmere to Elsbeth G. Bellemere Tr. and Elsbeth Bellemere Revocable Trust.


Bonny Longley to Noah Rosen.

Joe E. Bishop and Pamela J. Bishop to Joe Edward Bishop Tr., Pamela Jean Bishop Tr. and Bishop Living Trust.


Trudy P. Crane, Trudy C. Peasley and Gertrude Crane Housman to Cecilia Jonsson Bisset and Shawn McCarty.

Jenilyn F. Parkinson and Jenilyn Johnson Roman to Cameron J. Kurowski and Holly Musgrove.

Jane Johnason to Bernard G. Katz Jr. and Jane Johanson.

David E. Evans and Pamela Hall Evans to Raymond Miller and Pamela Roland Miller.

Albert McKim and Grace McKim to David E. Evans and Pamela Hall Evans.

Manuel Camargo and Karen Camargo to Cesare Grossi and Sherry Grossi.

Louise Kearly Est. to Pedatella Realty Group LLC.


Sandra M. Rollins to S. Gregory Rollins II and Trina M. Rollins.

Leon A. Smith to Almar Inc.

Richard A. Russell, Marlene D. Russell, Kenneth H. Russell and Wendy R. Larose to Mark A. Cloutier and Anna M. Cloutier.

Raymond Miller and Pamela Roland Miller to Elmer Doucette and Peggy Doucette.

Mark Tardif to Ronald Costigan Tr. and Ronald Costigan Living Trust.

Margaret L. Tilley to Margaret L. Tilley and Jayne M. Tilley.

Bank of New York Mellon Tr., CWABS 2007 Sea2, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC Atty and Harris V. Goff to Bank of New York Mellon Tr. and CWABS 2007 Sea2.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, First Tennessee Bank National Association, Mr. Cooper Atty, Mary C. Throne and Jason T. Throne to First Tennessee Bank National Association.

Alan M. Yorker and Janie G. Yorker to Joseph Kusmik and Gloria Kusmik.

John H. Dolcater Jr. and June U. Dolcater to David Jernigan, Jane Jernigan and Elizabeth Jane Jernigan.

South Thomaston

Albert D. Callahan, Dana Callahan and Albert Dana Callahan to Donald E. McMahan Sr.

St. George

Constance W. Kiermaier to David A. Roseboom and Paula J. Moreau.

Oliver Day Whitehead to David A. Roseboom and Paula J. Moreau.

Thomas Kenyon Whitehead to David A. Roseboom and Paula J. Moreau.

Doris Jean Dizer Tr. and Samuel Kirkman Dizer and Doris Jean Dizer Family Trust to Donald L. Trump and Kristina E. Debye.

Penelope B. Kunz to Johann Juergen Kunz and Rowan Flagg Kunz.

John Tripp to John Tripp and Mallary Tripp.


Taylor J. Crosby to Grace J. Crosby.

Eileen K. Beckett Est. to Maxwell E. Oliver Jr.

Michael J. Hall and Lizbeth Allen Hall to MLE LLC.

Amy L.B.  Micklich to Eric W. Smith and Erica L. Smith.


CP Maine LLC to Jeanne Lalli Tr. and Jeanne Lalli Living Trust.


Neil M. Holt Jr. and Neil M. Holt to Neil M. Holt Tr., Shelia M. Holt Tr. and Neil M. Holt 2015 Revocable Trust.

Carolyn L. McCree and Paul W. McCree Jr. to Paul W. McCree Jr. Tr. and P. W. McCree Jr. Trust No. 2.

William D. Mills and Joy L. Mills to Town of Vinalhaven.

Stephen P. Rosen and Yvonne K. Rosen to Yvonne K. Rosen, Samuel Fisher Bissell Rosen and Emma Astrid Bissell Rosen.

Alexandra B. Shor to Rosamund Stone Zander.


Sterling B. Robinson to Valerie R. Boggs Tr., Robin E. Boggs, Valerie R. Boggs Living Trust, Leland E. Boggs III, Leland E. Boggs III Tr., Leland E. Boggs II Living Trust and Leland E. Boggs II Tr.

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