Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 2:30pm

ROCKLANDThe following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 26-30 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Cary A. Nash, Linda M. Nash, Christopher L. Morong and Delisa R. Morong to Jesse C. Nash and Janet L. Nash.

Ronald Van Heeswijk and Margaret Rauenhorst to Margaret Rauenhorst.

Peter A. Smith to Peter A. Smith and Christie B. Smith.

Mary L. Beall Tr. and Mary L. Beall Living Trust, John R. Dimier Trust and Dana W. Dimier Trust.

Judith L. Fabian and Judith I. Fabian to Stephen Turner and Janna Hymes.

Christopher S. Davis to Anthony Cipollone and Diane W. Cipollone.

Victoria Bok Tr. Article III Trust to Derek Schoettle and Michale Schoettle.

Michael Schoettle to Derek Schoettle.


Alton G. Grover and Nancy L. Grover to Kennadi Grover.

Alton G. Grover and Nancy L. Grover to Alton G. Grover and Nancy L. Grover.

Alton G. Grover and Nancy L. Grover to Charles R. Grover and Tera L. Grover.


Leslie Anita Robinson to Caren Motika McPherson and Adam Wiley McPherson.

Sonksen Family Trust, Marshall K. Sonksen Tr. and Judy K. Sonksen Tr. to Chandler C. Blake and Annette L. Blake.

Ethan L. Durkee to Joseph J. Cox and Julie A. Chaffee.

Deborah L. Crabtree and Arlene Crabtree to Deborah L. Crabtree and Arlene Crabtree.

Maynard J. Pushaw and Mary L. Pushaw to Maynard J. Pushaw, Mary L. Pushaw, Maynard Donald Pushaw and Penelope Jane Rich.

North Haven

North Haven Baptist Church to Jamie Kathryn Lane and Christopher J. Hersey.

Peter B. Loring Tr., Thomas R. Appleton Tr. and Charles W. Pingree Personal Residence Trust to William Lewis Pingree, Christopher Weld Pingree and Jay Copeland Pingree.

Owls Head

Gary L. Eckmann to Joseph W. Wood and Sharon B. Wood.


Guy Raymond Abbotoni to Julia M. Winter.

Twosea LLC to Annie Higbee.

Margaret Rauenhorst and Ronald Van Heeswijk to Margaret Rauenhorst.

George Stephens and Kathryn E. Westra to Alice Kay Etheridge and Donald A. Walz.

Richard A. Chontos and Joanne Chontos to Amanda Therese Chontos Ross.

Richard A. Chontos and Joanne Chontos to Shane Contos.

Cynthia K. Laurita to Karen Z. Pierson.

Ari Hecht to Down Home Maine Inc.


Nancy L. Greenier to Margaret A. Langley Living Trust and Margaret A. Langley Tr.

GJAK Ltd. Partnership to Ralph D. Mackey and Susie Mackey.

Richard Bazirgan and Doris L. Bazirgan to Daniel W. Elias and Patricia C. Elias.

Joseph J. Cox to Jennifer A. Mathews.

South Thomaston

Robert D. Alex and Renee L. Johnson to Grace K. Puckett and Joseph M. Puckett.

Libby E. Kesner to Donald A. Howlett and Sally A. Howlett.

St. George

Edward B. Thorbjornson to Philip S. Reinhardt.

Kathryn A. Liebowitz to James R. Krebs.

Justin Brownell and Sarah Turner to Robin C. Tucker and Phillip A. Goyette.

Sue Adams Grant to Jamus Driscoll.

Patricia A. Ondek and Aaron Ondek to Donald J. Van Every and Leonette P. Van Every.

Paul K. McMackin to Christopher P. Morris and Patricia M. Morris.


Donna L. Godfrey and Donna L. Fullerton to David C. Smith.

Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. and Dora Baio Protection Trust to Laurie Elyse Baio Tr. and Baio Protection Trust.

Dale Edward Grant Estate to Nancy E. Callahan and Jessica Hopkins.

Philip E. Myers Sr. and Philip E. Myers to Leslie M. Bodman and Danielle S. Bodman.


Stephanie Jenkins Turner to Stephanie Jenkins Turner and James N. Turner.

Marilyn B. Athearn Tr., John Laite Tr., Stephanie Laite Tr. and Loren A. Athearn Family Trust to Gabrielle C. Jansen and Jacob Digirolamo.

Leland J. P. Houghton to Charles J. Skehan and Karen A. Pike.


Erik A. Putz and Jessica Farrelly to Roberts Harbor Farm Real Estate LLC.


Howard B. Stetson Est. to Trisha Badger and Kevin Carney.

Alton Grover to Charles R. Grover and Tera L. Grover.

Susan J. Wilkes, Keith Wilkes and Walden Chandler to Susan J. Wilkes and Keith Wilkes.

Arthur Ralph Baio Tr. and Dora Baio Protection Trust to Laurie Elyse Baio Tr. and Baio Protection Trust.

Richard W. White and Inga Lund White to Marjorie Ohrenberger.

Jeremy L. Gammon to Jeremy L. Gammon and Shawna L. Gammon.


Richard Belanger and Juelann Belanger to Heather Fillebrown.

Paul G. Miller and Karla R. Miller to Paul G. Miller Tr., Karla R. Miller Tr. and Paul and Karla Miller Revocable Trust.

Richard V. Cousens and Rhonda G. Cousens to Joseph Hudak and Sarah P. Hudak

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