Knox County deed transfers

Tue, 07/09/2019 - 1:30pm

ROCKLAND- The following deeds were recorded from June 24-28 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Donald R. Bartlett and Franklin E. Bartlett to Eileen O'Neil.

Eileen O'Neil to Donald R. Bartlett and Franklin E. Bartlett.

Margaret A. Russo to Margaret A. Russo Tr. and Margaret A. Russo 2001 Revocable Trust.


Mill Pond Properties LLC. to Christopher Graham and Pamela Graham.

Janice Williams and Patricia Brissette to John R. Williams Jr. and Christine M. Williams.

Mary Ann Cook and Debra Barrett to Debra Sue Barrett Tr., Mary Ann Cook Tr. and Debra Sue Barrett and Mary Ann Cook Living Trust.


Clinton Dodge III and Randi Dodge to Daniel R. Malburg.

Stuart A. Lohr and Katheryn G. Lohr to Stuart A. Lohr Tr., Katheryn G. Lohr Tr. and Stuart A. and Katheryn G. Lohr Revocable Trust.

Walter A. Matson, Lauren Hall Kenniston Tr. and Lauren C. Hall Tr. to Vernon L. Lewis and Susan A. Lewis.

Lynda Ladd Matson Est., Lynda L. Makinen Est. to Vernon L. Lewis and Susan A. Lewis.


Abigail Laukka Hardy and Jonathan Hardy to Stacy Whitley.

Katrina L. Thompson to Boughman Builders Inc.

North Haven

Lucia N. Woodruff to North Haven Conservation Partners.

Margaret Eiluned Morgan to Margaret Constance Eiluned Morgan Revocable Trust.

Owls Head

Michael White and Clare Felgate White to Todd W. Weeks and Joellenne M. E. Silver.


Robert M. Wiggin to Marco Beth Mindykowski and Stehen Franklin Mindykowski.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Charles L. Margeson and Sonia C. Margeson to Freedom Mortgage Corporation.

Martha B. Pellegrino to Sonja Tomic.

Rebecca Jacobs and Carmine J. Destefano to Nicole M. Cooper Hoffman.

453 Main Street LLC to Gregory A. Cunningham and Janette F. Cunningham.


Dale Julius Ingersoll Est. to Marjorie Ingersoll.

Marjorie Ingersoll to Ernest A. Joy and Sarah R. Joy.

Margaret G. Flippo Revocable Trust and Margaret G. Flippo Tr. to Lee Ann Beaulieu.

Carol A. Scatolini Tr. and Carol A. Scatolini 1997 Revocable Trust to James M. Denesevich and Donna M. Mombourquette.

William D. Haines to Martha Coolidge.

Eric Donald Beckman Jr. to Eric Donald Beckman Jr. and Paige W. Beckman.

Martha Elaine Castner Est. to Emily K. Weigel and Robert G. Weigel.

Brenda B. Beale and Julian F. Beale IV to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Brenda Beale and Julian F. Beale IV.

Rockport Properties LLC to 24 Central Street LLC.

South Thomaston

Frances L. Loring, Marie A. Ilvonen, Mary B. Nolette, Audrey S. McClure and Mark A. Ilvonen to Carl M. Ilvonen Est.

Carl M. Ilvonen Est. to Thomas Gray II and Andrea M. Gray.

St. George

David J. Brown and Ronald E. Brown to Ann Gledhill.

Robert G. Weigel and Emily K. Weigel to Laura E. Lewis Houck.

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust to Sven Laamann and Caitlin Anton.


Town of Thomaston to Nassau Broadcastings Holdings Inc.


James A. Munroe Jr. to David A. Noonan and Laurie A. Noonan.

Herbert W. Harriman and Vicki Harriman to Cruz Enterprises LLC.


Mark Terry to Abigail Trafford.

Alexandra A. James Family Trust, Nathaniel W. James IV Tr. and Robert R. James Tr. to Nathaniel W. James IV Tr., Robert R. James Tr. and Nathaniel W. James III Revocable Trust.

Nathaniel W. James III Est. to Nathaniel W. James IV Tr., Robert R. James Tr. and Nathaniel W. James III Revocable Trust.


William R. Handrich Jr. and Priscilla E. Handrich to Amy Burnham Garcia and Martha Lidia Burnham.

Sylvia Ann Percy and Sylvia Ann Michaud to Sylvia Ann Percy.

Brenda L. Hill to Brenda L. Hill and Sharon L. Hill.

Carolyn J. Pease to Belinda S. Prindle and Jeffrey P. Prindle.

Brenda L. Hill to Justin J. Larrabee

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