Knox County Criminal Docket, closed cases

Posted:  Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 4:15pm

ROCKLAND — The following cases were closed in Knox County Unified Court from Dec. 28-Jan. 4.

Randall Butler, 54, of St. George, theft by deception in Rockland March 7, 2015, 45 days in jail.

Raheem A. James, 25, of Rockland, criminal trespass in Rockland Jan. 1, 24 hours in jail.

Lucy M. Kenney, 74, of Rockland, operating while license suspended or revoked, dismissed.

Seren Merrifield, 20, of Owls Head, operating while license suspended or revoked in Rockport Aug. 25, $250 fine.

Andrew McLain, 21, of Owls Head, probation violation for original conviction of unlawful possession of scheduled drug in Owls Head March 30, 2017, eight months in jail, probation partially revoked; criminal mischief in Owls Head Dec. 23, dismissed; domestic violence assault, two counts in Owls Head Dec. 23, 364 days in prison all suspended, probation one year.

Andrew McClain, 21, made his initial appearance in Knox County Unified Court before Judge Beth Dobson Dec. 27 for the domestic violence assault (two counts) and criminal mischief charges.

McClain’s bail was set at $1,000 cash and he will be on supervised release after his bail is posted.

According to the affidavit filed in Knox County Unified Court by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, they responded to an incident at a residence in Owls Head Dec. 23. One of the victims reported to police that McClain ran into the woods near the home. 

When police interviewed both victims, they said that McClain had reportedly been physically abusive and allegedly grabbed and pushed one of them. The other victim had cuts and abrasions on his arm, police said.

Additionally, McClain had allegedly kicked and punched a bedroom wall, breaking sheet rock. He had previously broken a window and closet door, according to the affidavit.

The Maine State Police were called to the scene with their K-9 dog. McClain was found hiding behind a downed tree. He told police that he ran because he thought police were going to do a probation check and he had been using cocaine, according to the police report.

One of the victims said that he had been using drugs and drinking in his bedroom, according to the affidavit.

He later tested positive for cocaine after he was transported to the Knox County Jail.

Aaron Miller, 29, of Brooks, failure to stop, remain, provide information, dismissed; failing to make oral or written accident report, dimissed; driving to endanger in Camden May 8, $575 fine, 14 days in jail, license suspended 30 days; failure to stop, remain, render aid, personal injury in Camden May 8, 14 days in jail.

A couple who were driving south on Route 1 just after the intersection of Sherman’s Point Road in Camden were forced off the road by an oncoming van, driven my Miller, subsequently crashing into a deep ditch. Instead of stopping to help, Miller made an immediate right onto Sherman’s Point Road, driving down to where it ends at the harbor front. There, he abandoned the vehicle and ran into the woods.

Camden Police Sgt. Dan Brown eventually chased and apprehended Miller, who had been attempting to hide, while Camden firefighters and a crew from North East Mobile Health Services tended to the injured pair, a husband and wife, both of Eagle Island and Camden.

As the van collided with the Quinn’s SUV, the impact caused the SUV to travel off the road, and into the ditch. 

Camden firefighter Gabe Whitehead happened on to the scene almost immediately after the crash, and called Knox Regional Communications Center for help. The couple initially were trapped in their vehicle, but were helped out on the passenger side by the ambulance crew, and transported to Pen Bay Medical Center, in Rockport.

Miller was transported to Knox County Jail.

Sabrina Mitchell, 40, of Skowhegan, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer in Thomaston June 2, $300 fine.

The following individuals were not found in contempt for failing to perform jury service in Rockland Aug. 8,  Oct. 4, or Nov. 13.  A hearing was held Jan. 4, with Justice Bruce Mallonee presiding, in Knox County Unified Court.

John P. Brewer, 64, of Rockport (Aug. 8);

Todd J. Crabtree, 64, of Hope (Oct. 4);

Holly L. Gallant, 35, of Warren (Oct. 4);

Michael F. Gardner, 46, of Thomaston (Oct. 4);

Edwin Greenrose, 53, of Warren (Oct. 4);

Tyler S. Smith-Campbell, 25, of South Thomaston (Oct. 4);

Leiann M. Sproul, 41, of Camden (Oct. 4);

Richard Ward, Sr., 41, of Rockland (Oct. 4);

Jason E. Wotton, 45, of Friendship (Oct. 4);

Nitelle M. Woodward, 29, of South Thomaston (Nov. 13).

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