Letter to the editor; Bill Packard

I want someone in state government focused on solving challenges, getting results. That’s Gordon Page

Wed, 10/14/2020 - 8:00pm

I’ve always been a people person.  What I mean by that is that I judge people by who they are, not what political party they align with, the color of their skin, their sexual preference, or whatever.  Election Day is coming right up and it’s important that you vote.  People are willing to die so that you have the privilege to go to the polls this November, so honor their sacrifice and vote.

In Senate District 12, I’m voting for Gordon Page because of what I know about Gordon.  We’ve worked together on several projects over the years and Gordon was always the go to person that kept the project moving forward, working toward the goal and the solution.  Not too long ago there was a need to reach out to a government agency to ask for recognition for a person who had passed away. When I was thinking of who could be a contact, Gordon immediately came to mind.  The request was answered with, “Of course.  Let me see what I can do.” That solidified my previous engagements with Gordon and convinced me to support him for the Senate.

I want someone in my state government who is focused on solving challenges and getting results. That’s Gordon. 

One other thing about Gordon that I find refreshing is that he is not afraid to tell you that he doesn’t agree with your position or that he can’t help you in some area.  Honesty is a virtue that I admire.  It’s important to know where you stand with people and you know where you stand with Gordon.

Bill Packard lives in Union