animals like Huggie get help and a second chance

Humane Society medical fund-matching campaign reaches goal of $100,000

Tue, 07/12/2022 - 2:15pm

THOMASTON — Earlier this year, two couples stepped forward to offer matching gifts to help animals at Pope Memorial Humane Society (PMHS). Martine Richard LaBrie and Dr. Henry LaBrie of Friendship, and Kelly and Jaymie Bonavia of Camden, together offered a $50,000 match, to hopefully inspire the community to donate another $50,000.

“PMHS is tickled to announce that donors stepped forward and the match has been completed,” said PMHS, in a news release. “Thank you to the matching donors and all who gave-on Facebook, by mail or stopping in to the shelter.”

This fund was created in 2021 so donors can give directly to help shelter animals. Hundreds require medical attention each year, and just recently a special young tabby cat named Huggie was hit by a car. Her back leg was fractured.

“Fortunately, PMHS could help because of the Sherman Medical Fund,” said PMHS. “She hung out in the office for a few weeks healing, her back end shaved but her gait (and her playfulness!) improving daily. We are happy to report she was just adopted!”

The Sherman Medical Fund makes sure injured and ill shelter animals like Huggie get help and a second chance at a loving home.

“Thank you to wonderful, caring donors for giving shelter animals a second chance with truly generous giving!” said PMHS.

For more information on the Sherman Medical Fund please visit , or reach out to PMHS’ Development Director Chrys deLorimier or 207-594-2200.

PMHS is a 501c3 nonprofit animal shelter located in Thomaston, Maine. PMHS is devoted to ensuring the compassionate care, treatment, and placement of companion animals in transition and enriching the lives of pets and people in our community.