Letter to the editor: Shari Closter

Help Kayo with vet bills

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 3:15pm

Shekara Davis, of Waldoboro, is a close friend of mine and for many, many years has helped families reunite with their missing pets through Maine Lost Dog Recovery and Maine Lost Cat Recovery. She has trapped many dogs and cats and will drop everything in a heartbeat to help look for lost dogs --searching and helping at all hours of the day and night-I know this to be true as I have been with her on some of these searches.

Shekara lost her mother unexpectedly late last summer, and inherited her mom's sweet dog, Kayo. During the weekend of April 20, this beautiful pup Kayo, that she loves dearly, and that she takes care of, has suffered a serious ACL injury. Shekara is seeking help towards the cost of the TPLO surgery as she is still dealing with many expenses from her mom’s death. She wants to help her mother's dog to have the best quality of life.

The estimated cost is $4,000 for the surgery. The pup is being treated at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital in Rockport, and will have a specialist, Dr. Mark House (Small Animal Surgical Services- he is a traveling vet to different vet offices in Maine) performing the surgery. He has extensive experience in this type of surgery and she would like the surgery scheduled as soon as possible, to avoid more damage to her pup’s bad leg (that she can't use at all) as well as prevent damage to the three good legs that she is hopping around.

I have created a Facebook Fundraiser on my personal page specifically for Kayo's surgery expenses (go to Shari Closter on Facebook):


Shekara would be most grateful and appreciative for this support. I am providing the money from the Facebook fundraiser directly to the vet hospital and they are aware that we have created this fundraiser for her. If you prefer to donate directly to Shekara Davis by check, her mailing address is; Shekara Davis, P.O. Box 704, Waldoboro, Maine 04572. Please do NOT call the vet office directly, as they do not have the staff to accommodate a large number of calls.

We have raised approximately $3,000 as of April 26. We are so grateful for everyone's contributions and kind words of support to help Kayo and are overwhelmed and humbled by your kindness. On behalf of Kayo and Shekara, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Shari Closter lives in Owls Head